Contributing to Environmental Conservation in China with Shimadzu On-Line Measuring Instruments

To reduce the total emission of various environmental pollutants, China has been establishing stronger measures each year. In August 2017, China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment mandated that all companies that emit nitrogen or phosphorus must install on-line measuring instruments and transmit measurement data on-line. The government also requires continuous monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause air pollution due to PM2.5 particulates.

To satisfy those requirements, Shimadzu offers an on-line analyzer (VOC-3000F) that can measure VOCs in emission gases, based on a combination of technology for analyzing trace components in gases and technology for on-line environmental measurement.

The analyzer helps customers comply with regulations or reduce their environmental impact by continuously measuring the VOCs in gases emitted from factory manufacturing processes to monitor the operating status of emission gas treatment facilities and verify that emissions do not exceed values specified in environmental regulations.


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