Control softwareBalance Koubou

Balance Koubou is the control software for the DBM-GII /TII dynamic balancing and measurement control systems.

The new series of DBM-GII /TII dynamic balancing machine control software is now available. All versions in this series use this new software to provide comprehensive control of dynamic balancing measurement and data management.


  • Highly-improved visibility and easier to operate than previous control software products.
  • In addition to a side-by-side 2-plane display mode, standard specifications include a side-by-side 3-pane static display mode, and side-by-side 4-plane static-couple display mode.
  • A wide variety of optional functionality is available as well, such as statistical calculation, network communications, serial number input, correction magnitude conversion display, measurement results tracing, and manual angle interlock functions.
  • Older versions of control software can be upgraded.

Easy to view・Easy to operate

Large vector display and pass/fail display ensure that measurement results can be easily understood. Software operation uses icons with explanations, ensuring worry-free use even for first-time operators.

Simplified condition settings

With Balance Koubou, all settings can be input visually using the touch panel, making operation extremely simple.

Standard Functions Include a 3-Plane or 4-Plane Data Display

Due to popular request, this software can show data using 3-plane or 4-plane data displays. This makes it possible to view all important informations in a single window.


Option Specifications

Item Details
Statistical Calculation Software Functions for displaying vector distribution diagrams, frequency distribution diagrams, time function diagrams, and statistical calculation charts.
Correction Amount Conversion Display Software Function for converting measurement results to drill-correction amount.
Serial Number Input Software Adds the lot and serial numbers of workpiece to measurement result.
Time-Trace and Frequency-Trace Software Plots the calculation results for measurements in progress on time-axis (rotation speed) graphs.
Network Output Software Transmission of measurement results and setting information by e-mail, copying of measurement results to shared folders.
Manual Angle Interlock Function for displaying angle interlock of unbalance position.
(Mounting and wiring of encoder required separately. )

Typical Applications

General rotating parts


Note: Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

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