PHG Pressure Gas Quenching Vacuum Furnace

PHG Pressure Gas Quenching Vacuum Furnace


  1. Gas Pressure Cooling
    Gas pressure can be increased up to 0.5 MPa·G during cooling. This allows for easy quenching of large pieces of die steel and high-speed steel.
  2. Distortion-Free
    During cooling, cooling gas is sprayed into the furnace chamber from above and below to provide uniform cooling. This results in extremely low levels of distortion.


  • Heat Treatment of Metals
    Vacuum Quenching
    Vacuum Tempering
    Vacuum Annealing
    Precipitation Treatment
    Solution Treatment

PHG Series Specifications

Vacuum Quenching Furnace
Model PHGgr40/40/60 PHGgr60/60/60
Effective Intern. Dim. (mm)
W x H x D
400×400×600 600×600×600
Max. Temp. (°C) 1350
Process. Cap. (kg gross) 120 300
Ultimate Press. (Pa) 7×10-1
N2Gas Consumption (m3/cycle) 120 200
Water Coolant Capacity(m3/h) 8 12

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