VESTA Vacuum and Pressurized Sintering Furnace

VESTA Vacuum and Pressurized Sintering Furnace


  1. Compact and Low Cost
    By pursuing both compactness and reduced cost while maintaining the basic performance of previous products, we have achieved our smallest installation space (3.9 m2) yet, at a price that is less than half that of the previous product.
  2. Excellent Operability Using a Touch Panel
    Furnace operation, settings, and monitoring are all controlled with a touch panel for simplicity and ease of use. Also, the touch panel monitor can be freely moved, creating a flexible working environment.
  3. Simple Maintenance
    The simple internal structure of the furnace makes it easy to dismantle, clean, and assemble the furnace components, and to switch to metal thermal insulation (option) depending on the purpose of use. Also, the whole product is enclosed in an innovatively designed cover, and the lid opens and closes automatically, providing both safety and a smart, modern shape.

VESTA Specification Reference Examples

Power Req. 3φ AC200V 30K VA
Effective Dim. (mm) Dia. × H 100mm×100mm
Max. Heating Temp. 2300℃
Press. Vacuum to 0.9MPaG
Thermal Insulation Graphite thermal insulation
Power Consumption During Heating 15kW
Process. Cap. 5 Kg
Normal 2200℃
Furnace Weight 1100 Kg
Heater Graphite

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