VHB Horizontal Vacuum Brazing Furnace

VHB Horizontal Vacuum Brazing Furnace


  1. Furnace Design
    VHG furnaces are VHS Series models customized for brazing and designed specifically to ensure a high level of vacuum.
    User can select both heat-insulating layer materials (graphite or reflector) and heater materials (graphite or molybdenum).


  • Vacuum Brazing
  • Vacuum Annealing
  • Vacuum Tempering
  • Vacuum Sintering

VHB Series Specifications Model

Model VHBgr30/30/140
Effective Intern. Dim. (mm)
W x H x D
Max. Temp. (°C) 1300
Process. Cap. (kg gross) 100
Ultimate Press. (Pa) 7×10-3
Power Req. (kVA) 170
Gases N2,Ar,(H2)

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