VHP/PHP Hot Press

VHP/PHP Hot Press


  1. Hot Press
    This high-temperature hot press is designed for experiments and production of fine ceramics and other new materials. Sintering of fine powders at high temperatures and pressures allows fast production of high-quality high-strength ceramics that are near their theoretical density.
  2. Easily Remove Die Steel or Other Materials Being Processed
    Horizontal design with front-open chamber ensures easy loading and removal of die steel.
  3. Precise Press Pressure Control
    Control of hydraulic cylinders via a hydraulic motor ensures precise control of press pressures.
  4. Uniform Pressing is Possible Over a Wide Range
    Use of multiple hydraulic cylinders provides uniform pressing over a wide range.


Hot Press
Model VHPgr50/50 VHPgr90/55/135 PHPgr40/40
Effective Intern.Dim. (mm)
Dia.500xH500 900x550x1350 Dia.400xH400
Max. Temp. (°C) 1400 1350 2300
Process. Cap. (kg gross) 300 5000 200
Ultimate Press. (Pa) 7×10-1
Max. Pressure Atmospheric
0.86kPa 0.9MPa
Number of Axes 1 6 1
Press Pressure (kN) 800 2100
Power Req. (kVA) 210 400 300
Gases N2,Ar,(H2)

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