SBEL-LL(SBJ-FL) series gear pumps are designed for use with extruders. In plastic film and sheeting manufacturing, it is important to control extruder unit pressure fluctuations and prevent temperatures from increasing. As a result, SBEL-LL(SBJ-FL) series pumps are used to improve the quality of extruded products.



  1. Small pressure pulses.
  2. Since friction losses are minimal, heating of polymer is minimized.
  3. Can be used in situations where suction pressure is higher than discharge pressure.
  4. Shaft seals use a polymer seal (labyrinth seal) that minimizes leakage and contains no wearing parts.
  5. Heating is via an easy-to-operate cartridge heater that does not need to be removed, even for maintenance, thereby minimizing heater damage.


Either of the following series of pumps can be selected, according to the application.

  • SBEL-LL Series: General-purpose plastics, etc.
  • SBJ-FL Series: Optical polymers, optical films, etc.


Discharge Pressure Max. 35 MPaG (350 kgf/cm2G)
Suction Pressure Max. 10 MPaG (100 kgf/cm2G)
Differential Pressure Max. 25MPaG (250 kgf/cm2G)
Viscosity: 100 to 5,000 Pas (1,000 to 200,000 poise)
Temperature: Max. 350°C
Heated by Electric heater, Jacket

Gear Pumps for Extruders

Pump Model Suction/Discharge Port
Inner Dia.(mm)
Pump Model Suction/Discharge Port
Inner Dia.(mm)
SBEL50LL-103 40 SBJ12FL-103 20
SBEL100LL-103 50 SBJ25FL-103 30
SBEL160LL-103 60 SBJ50FL-103 40
SBEL240LL-103 80 SBJ100FL-103 55
SBEL315LL-103 80 SBJ160FL-103 65
SBEL400LL-103 90 SBJ240FL-103 80
SBEL560LL-103 100 SBJ315FL-103 80
SBEL800LL-103 100 SBJ400FL-103 80
SBEL1000LL-103 100 SBJ560FL-103 90
SBEL1600LL-103 120    

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