1-minute Guide to SHIMADZU

1-minute Guide to SHIMADZU

Outline of SHIMADZU

Contributing to Society through Science and Technology

It all started with an insatiable thirst for science and technology and a strong resolve about with what was necessary for the future of Japan.

Net Sales511.9billion yen

* The sales ratios are rounded off to the nearest unit.

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Number of Employees14,219employees

Corporate Profile

Ratio of Employee Inside and Outside Japan

Inside Japan 57%
Outside Japan 43%

Corporate Profile

R&D Expenses

21.5billion yen

(Ratio of R&D Expenses to Net Sales. 4.2%)

Note: R&D expenses are the sum of the R&D cost in sales and administrative expenses and the R&D cost in manufacturing expenses.

Number of Patents Held


(in Japan 4,457 outside Japan 3,507)

History of SHIMADZU- Advancements Based on Creating Shared Value -

Societal Challenges
Value Supplied by Shimadzu
Wide Spread Use and Advancement in Physics and Chemistry Instruments
Supplied state-of-the-art educational equipment
Number of physics and other products listed in the catalog
Need for a Reliable Power Supply
Started manufacturing storage batteries
Industrial application of storage batteries
First in
Radiation Exposure to Radiological Technologists
Developed the world's first remote-controlled X-ray fluoroscopy system
Radiation exposure to radiological technologists
Serious Environmental Pollution in China
Started production of online TOC analyzers in China
Total unit sales in China
Improving Quality of Life (QOL)
Contribution to newborn screening by using LCMS
Number of examinations possible with one tandem mass spectrometer systems:
per year
Developed fully automatic PCR testing system
and 2019 novel coronavirus detection kit
Contributes to Japan’s COVID-19 Testing Capabilities
Responding to
COVID-19 pandemic
Supporting breast examinations and brain research
Contributes to brain researches intended to delay the onset and progression of diseases by discovering symptoms at an early stage
Developed TOF-PET system
dedicated for head and breast examinations


Shimadzu Products Serving Society

Analytical & Measuring Instruments

We provide high-performance analytical instruments to support research, technology development, and quality control in medical, food, materials, and a variety of other fields.

High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometry system

Precision Universal Testing Machine

Medical Systems

We provide medical systems for supporting accurate diagnoses to help maintain and improve health.


Angiography System

TOF-Pet scanner for Head & Breast

Industrial Machinery

We support advanced manufacturing with high-performance key components to help promote industrial development.

Turbomolecular Pump

Hydraulic Equipment

Aircraft Equipment

We provide cutting-edge aircraft equipment to help ensure safety, improve comfort, and lower stress.

Flight Control System

Cockpit Display Systems

Towards Carbon Neutrality

Based on our corporate philosophy, "Contribute to Society through Science and Technology," Shimadzu contributes to solving problems in a diverse range of fields with our products and technologies.
We contribute to technological development and quality control in fields such as hydrogen fuels, biofuels, wind power generation, and other renewable energies, as well as automobiles and storage batteries, which are all indispensable for achieving carbon neutrality.
In addition, we are actively adopting renewable energy in our business activities, aiming to reduce CO2 emissions.

Towards Carbon Neutrality

Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2023 to FY2025)

Our Purpose

Based on our Corporate Philosophy, Management Principle, and the Shimadzu Group Sustainability Charter, we aim to enhance our corporate value by pursuing planetary health through business development in 3 directions (Contribution to Human Life & Well-being, Contribution to the Well-being of the Earth, and Contributing to Industrial Development and Realizing a Safe & Secure Society) and 4 areas of social value creation: Healthcare, Green, Material, and Industry.


We have developed products using new technologies and delivered them to our customers as value. However, in order to share value with our customers, we need to transform ourselves into a company that can provide the “DATA” that customers need with Total Solutions that include not only products but also preprocessing, consumables such as columns, and data analysis software. We have positioned this New Medium-Term Management Plan as a preparation period. We aim to increase our corporate value by transforming ourselves into a company that provides total solutions across Divisions.

Expand business and transform into a company that provides Total Solutions across Divisions.

Basic Policy

Be an Innovative Company that solves social issues with global partners!
- Achieve sustainable growth by strengthening Technological Development & Social Implementation -

Growth Strategy
Target for FY 2025

Net Sales
billion yen
Operating Profit
billion yen
Operating Margin
or above
or above

Medium-Term Management Plan

Achieve ongoing growth and become an entity even more needed by customers and society