“How can I accomplish
routine tasks more

“Despite physicians wanting to operate the system themselves, they need to focus on the catheter and patient, or they struggle with workflow that does not fit with their work practices. Pressing multiple buttons to use a single function is too inefficient.”

Offering Stress-Free Operation and Workflow
for Medical Workers Involved in a Race where
Every Minute and Second Counts

Perform Operations with
a Single Action

Complex operations can be combined
into a single-step function. It enables
intuitive and smooth operations.

Complex operations can be executed in a single step. Single step operations reduce the number of operations and it enables assigning easy-to-grasp icons which allows first-time users to learn quickly.

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Freely Customizable to
Meet Users’ Needs

Simple operation and
customizability help users achieve
their optimal workflow.

Optimal workflow depends on the user. The system is designed for extremely simple operation while also being flexible enough to allow each user to create their ideal flow. Users can achieve the best possible user environment for themselves.

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Comfortable Operations
for Both Team Operation and
Single User Operation

This design feature provides an
operating environment suitable for
any team environment and
helps improve work efficiency.

In addition to providing an environment where all operations can be completed from the tableside, improved functionality supports concurrent operations by multiple people and achieves an operating environment that allows interchangeable user operation. Team operation makes it possible to work comfortably and efficiently.

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