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Dear valued customers,
Shimadzu is ready to show you our latest products and innovative technology at our virtual exhibition site. In this virtual exhibition, you can find many of our advanced imaging solutions and unique applications that will provide you with more visibility, productivity, and clinical possibilities. You can find our solutions via either the 3D booth above or the exhibits search below.
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Trinias Trinias

Trinias was developed based on the three design concepts, ALARA design, Lean design, and Sustainable design, to provide more outstanding image quality and more various applications.


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Collaborative Activities for Healthcare

Advanced Healthcare

Advanced Healthcare

Shimadzu has been working daily with researchers to develop solutions that will significantly change the future of healthcare, based on visualization using our medical and imaging technology and quantitative analysis using mass spectrometers.
*The content of the Advanced Healthcare is not introduction of our medical products. It introduces our collaborative activities for healthcare.

The product design may be partially changed without notice.