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  • Crossover Angiography System/Cardiology System - Trinias series unity edition/unity smart edition

Crossover Angiography System/Cardiology SystemTrinias series
unity edition/
unity smart edition

Trinias series unity edition and unity smart edition is a crossover angiography and cardiology system which provides a patient centered experience, leaving operators free from worry so they can easily perform interventional procedures.

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【Clinical Fields & Product Line】

  • Cardiology
  • Emergency/Trauma
  • Neurology
  • Oncology
  • Radiology
  • Surgery/ICU
  • Angiography

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Trinias series unity edition

5-Minute Overview: Trinias C16 unity edition

Explore the essential features of Trinias C16 unity edition in this 5-minute overview presented by our product expert.
*This video is a re-edit of RSNA2019 Shimadzu highlight video.


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Loving Everything about Trinias

Lower Radiation Doses in IVR Procedures with Trinias -Benefits of the Latest Image Processing Engine in Arrhythmia Ablation-Toshihiro Hayashi, Hideyuki Iwanaga, Department of Radiology, The University of Tokyo Hospital

The University of Tokyo Hospital, located in the Bunkyo Ward of Tokyo, has 1,226 beds (including 48 psychiatric care beds), 7 medical divisions width 38 medical departments, and treats all types of diseases. Every year, the hospital provides medical care to 580,000 outpatients ...


Loving Everything about TriniasNobuhito Kaneko, Limb Salvage Center, Kasukabe Chuo General Hospital

The hospital was established in August of 1981 as Minami Kasukabe Chuo Hospital, then renamed Kasukabe Chuo General Hospital in 1998. One year before this renaming, the hospital obtained a coronary angiography system and ever since has been partly responsible for acute cardiovascular...

Trinias Performance in Coil Embolization for Intracranial Aneurysm

Trinias Performance in Coil Embolization for Intracranial AneurysmTakayuki Amano, Department of Neurosurgery, Nagoya Tokushukai General Hospital

Kozoji New Town was developed as a commuter town of Nagoya City and stands alongside Tama New Town and Senri New Town as one of the three major “new town” development projects in...

Interventional Radiology of the Abdmen Using Trinias Applications

Interventional Radiology of the Abdmen Using Trinias ApplicationsYushi Araki, Department of Radiology, Kumamoto Rousai Hospital

Kumamoto Rousai Hospital is located in Yatsushiro, the second largest city in Kumamoto Prefecture. As a core hospital of the southern region of Kumamoto Prefecture, the hospital provides comprehensive medical care and operates as a core hospital for acute phase care and as a disaster...


Minimally Invasive Procedures in Practice – New 3D Workstation Features for Shorter Procedure Times -Ayumi Iwata, Medical Systems Division, Shimadzu Corporation

IVR procedures are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, and require angiography systems that can achieve lower radiation doses, less contrast media use, and shorter examination times. Shimadzu's latest Trinias™ series angiography system comes with various features that support minimally invasive procedures ...


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