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—Supporting the Development of Next-Generation Technology Aimed at Achieving Carbon Neutrality—

Reliable task assessment is necessary for the development of electric cars and batteries, weight reduction, and Model Based Development (MBD) applications, with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality. Shimadzu Corporation supports innovation in the automotive industry by providing a wide range of technology for task assessment activities, such as evaluation of mechanical characteristics, structural observations and evaluating the characteristics of chemicals and metals. This site introduces effective evaluation instruments and methods for task assessment. In addition, it introduces new evaluation techniques, related webinars and a number of technical materials.
Feel free to contact us regarding testing, measurement, and analytical instruments, or to discuss evaluation.

Shimadzu is convening its "Shimadzu Automotive Technology Webinar for Weight Reduction." This seminar will introduce new weight-reduction techniques and trends,as well as materials and approaches to evaluating those materials to support improvements in the weight-reduction techniques used by all. Feel free to participate if you have the time.

Shimadzu Automotive Technology Seminar

Solutions from Shimadzu Supporting a Revolution in Research and Development and Quality Management for Automobiles and Transportation Equipment

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