The technologies used in automobiles are being refined and innovated on an ongoing basis to improve safety, comfort, and to reduce the impact on the environment. Automobile production sites have always competed to build reliable automobile parts quickly and cheaply, but recently there has been a greater emphasis on evaluating the performance of not only individual parts, but also entire modules, which has necessitated more advanced automotive analysis, inspection, and testing. In addition to this, further analysis and evaluation is required for vehicle electrification, battery development and implementation, weight reduction, model-based development, and other strategies to help achieve carbon-neutrality.​

Shimadzu supports major automobile OEMs and their global supply chain partners with state-of-the-art instrumentation. We provide various solutions including automotive parts and material evaluation, improvement of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and reducing environmental burdens, and integrated analysis to prevent product defects. Our analytical instruments, inspection systems, and testing machines are the perfect fit for extensive evaluation requirements found in automotive development, quality control, and environmental compliance. Learn more about our solutions below. ​


Solution for CASE and Weight Reduction Development of Automobiles

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CASE and Weight Reduction Development of Automobiles

To help achieve carbon neutrality, governments and companies around the world are pursuing initiatives for weight reduction and CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) as a framework for next-generation automobiles. This e-book introduces a range of evaluation and analysis technologies that bolster the advancement of lightweight automobiles that exhibit CASE attributes.

Automotive Parts Evaluations

Solutions for Technical issues

Improvement of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and reduction of environmental burden solutions for technical issues

Material Evaluations

  • Multilateral evaluation is effective for correctly evaluating materials that are used for automotive parts. Shimadzu will assist you with material evaluation with a wide range of analysis and test instruments lineup.

  • Material Evaluations

Trouble Analysis

  • Contaminations mixed in and adhering during production and working processes and silent changes in the materials used in products can cause product defects.
    Integrated analysis using various analysis methods is effective for trouble analysis.

  • Trouble Analysis

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