November 28, 2022 | News & Notices Promoting Development and Commercialization of Innovative Technologies Through Collaboration Between Industry and Academia
Comprehensive Collaborative Agreement Signed with Kyoto University Aiming at Creating New Business Activities

Shimadzu and Kyoto University have signed a three-year comprehensive collaborative agreement with the objective of creating new business activities by acquiring innovative technologies to contribute to solving social problems, and training human resources in the social implementation of these new business activities. Both parties have previously engaged in a number of collaborative research projects, and have been considering an even stronger comprehensive collaboration to address social problems. In future, on the basis of this collaboration, they will search for business themes and promote collaborative research in the green innovation and healthcare fields, and will pursue human resource training. Note that at Kyoto University, the Kyoto University Open Innovation Organization, which was established for the purpose of centrally managing large-scale collaborative research, will be advancing this collaboration.

Both parties have the objective of firstly acquiring technology in the green innovation field and creating new related business activities. In response to the business themes presented by Shimadzu, Kyoto University will participate with researchers involved with the applicable themes. Shimadzu and Kyoto University have formulated a business plan collaboratively, to conduct research on new technologies. Specific business themes are expected to address renewable energy including hydrogen fuel, biofuel, and wind power generation, which are indispensable for the realization of carbon neutrality, and automotive and battery related development, quality controls, and onsite measurements. The collaboration will begin with developmental support for batteries, with the expectation that Shimadzu analytical & measuring instruments such as gas chromatographs, liquid chromatographs, liquid chromatograph mass spectrometers, and X-ray CT systems will be used.

In addition, Shimadzu engineers will be dispatched to cooperating laboratories supervised by researchers at Kyoto University, to support the completion of doctoral degrees. Exchanges between the engineers dispatched and students enrolled in doctoral programs will contribute to high-level human resource training at Kyoto University. Shimadzu and Kyoto University are formulating this high-level human resource training program collaboratively, for the purpose of training human resources whether in the sciences or humanities to understand new technologies, and to create and realize business models to contribute to solving social problems.

Nexis GC-2030 Gas Chromatograph

(Bottom) inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR Microfocus X-ray CT System

Examples of Shimadzu Analytical & Measuring Instruments Used Collaboratively
(Top) Nexis GC-2030 Gas Chromatograph
(Bottom) inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR Microfocus X-ray CT System