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Release of Biplane Models in Trinias Series of Angiography Systems

Product Photograph: Trinias Angiography System

Product Photograph: Trinias Angiography System


Shimadzu Corporation commences worldwide sales of three biplane models in its Trinias series of angiography systems.

Trinias series is a flagship model of the angiography systems that allows to reduce the radiation dose and improve the high visibility by advanced image processing technology. Angiography systems are radiographic/fluoroscopic imaging systems used in catheterization procedures to insert long, thin tubes (catheters) into the brain and heart to treat cerebral and myocardial infarction, as well as in the examination and treatment of vascular diseases. Angiography systems are equipped with a device called a C-arm that carries the X-ray tube and detector and are available in two configurations: single-plane systems that use a single C-arm and biplane systems that use two C-arms. Biplane systems are often used for advanced catheterization procedures such as cardiac, head, and pediatric procedures because two C-arms can perform radiography/fluoroscopy from two viewing angles, thus capturing more information in a single acquisition than single plane systems. Biplane systems offer reduced procedure times, reduced contrast media usage, and lessen the physical burden on patients, but achieving proper positional setup of the two C-arms can be a major challenge. Catheterization procedures are less invasive than other surgical techniques, which has increased the use of angiography systems in recent years and created a demand for angiography systems simple enough to be used by medical professionals who have minimal hands-on experience with these types of systems.

The new biplane models in the Trinias series are equipped with a “Direct Memory” feature that allows the safe execution of complex movements at a single touch. Thanks to this feature, the new biplane models offer an ease of use comparable with the simplicity of a single plane system. The time taken by the positional setup of the C-arms before starting imaging has also been reduced by at least 50 % compared to previous Shimadzu products. These improved functionalities allow for shorter procedure times and biplane acquisition reduces the amount of contrast agent.

On the medium-term management Plan (FY 2023 to FY 2025), Shimadzu promotes the imaging transformation (IMX) strategy that provides new added value through AI and IoT technologies. Catheterization procedures are expected to become ever more common and catheters and other medical devices continue to shrink in size and become more sophisticated. Shimadzu is committed to developing angiography systems that foster new developments in minimally invasive procedures and help accelerate the adoption of treatments that are kinder to patients as part of IMX.


1. A New Controller for Simple and Safe Biplane Control

The controller used at the bedside is equipped with a Direct Memory feature that allows the C-arm angle to be set via intuitive touch panel controls and eliminating complex operations. The new controller has a compact design with smaller control levers and buttons that allow even a single user to control the biplane system safely, intuitively, and with ease. The controller facilitates stress-free, one-person control of the biplane system.

2. High Positioning Speed for Shorter Procedure Times

The high positioning speed by newly designed C-arms helps reduce procedure times. The time required for the positional setup of the C-arms before starting imaging has been more than halved compared to the previous model. C-arm rotation speed is also up to 1.6 times faster (compared to the previous model) during biplane operations, supporting more streamlined procedures.

3. Environmentally-Friendly Eco-Oriented Design

The installation footprint of the machine cabinet is 38 % smaller than the previous model. The new biplane models are also “Eco-Products Plus,” products, which are products that are certified to achieve outstanding environmental performance. The new biplane models also use 57 % less cabling, helping to keep the surrounding area clean and reducing maintenance.


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