December 1, 2023 | News & Notices Promoting Research and Development in Infectious Disease Countermeasures, Marine Business Activities, and Information/Security
Opening of Shimadzu Nagasaki Collaboration Lab

On November 1, Shimadzu Corporation opened Shimadzu Nagasaki Collaboration Lab (hereinafter Nagasaki Lab), a research and development center in Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture. As a research and development center focusing on specific regional technological capabilities, Nagasaki Lab will address infectious disease countermeasures, marine business activities, and information/security, which are a focus at Shimadzu and a specialty of universities and research institutions in Nagasaki Prefecture. The research fields will be expanded even further in future.

In terms of infectious disease countermeasures, research in conjunction with the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University will address the detection of the pathogens responsible for infectious diseases. Nagasaki University has been researching infectious diseases for more than 80 years, and has more than 150 researchers in infectious diseases. Utilizing Shimadzu’s automatic PCR testing system and testing reagent technology, we are pursuing the development of instruments and reagents for the high-sensitivity detection of pathogens. In terms of marine business activities, Shimadzu, together with the Organization for Marine Science and Technology at Nagasaki University and Nagasaki Prefecture, is taking part in Nagasaki Blue Economy, a collaborative project between industry, government, and academia aimed at realizing sustainable cultivation business activities. This project should lead to regional vitalization including the formation of cultivation centers and the creation of jobs related to the advancement of yellowtail cultivation techniques. Using Nagasaki Lab, Shimadzu will improve the MC100 and MC500 underwater optical wireless communication modems*, and conduct demonstration tests in the coastal waters of Nagasaki City. Shimadzu is contributing to innovation in the fisheries industry through the development of an underwater robot for monitoring and gathering information about fish in fish tanks and at cultivation facilities, and maintenance of communications technologies on/under the sea to enable underwater communications. In terms of information/security, one Shimadzu employee has been dispatched to University of Nagasaki, which has established Japan’s first information security department. We have already started collaborative research with the Security Industry and Academia Collaborative Research Center in this department regarding information vulnerabilities.

Shimadzu established the Healthcare R&D Center, a research and development facility for the healthcare sector, in 2019; the SHIMADZU Future Collaboratory (Seika-cho, Kyoto), a new facility at the Technology Research Laboratory, in 2022; and Shimadzu Tokyo Innovation Plaza (Kawasaki City), which develops applications and practical uses for analytical and measuring instruments, in 2023. In future, we plan to enhance our research centers, aiming to be a business that contributes to society through science and technology.

  • Note: This proprietary Shimadzu modem achieves high-speed underwater data communication by sending and receiving laser light.


Photo of the Nagasaki Ekimae Denki Building

Photo of the Nagasaki Ekimae Denki Building

Name Shimadzu Nagasaki Collaboration Lab
Address 5F, Nagasaki Ekimae Denki Building (2-3 Ofunaguramachi, Nagasaki)
Floorspace 271.89m2