June 7, 2023 | News & Notices “Shimadzu Future Innovation Fund” first investment
Shimadzu has invested in ChromaCode Inc., developing scalable PCR technology.

On May 19, Shimadzu Corporation has invested in ChromaCode Inc. (ChromaCode), a startup with technology to expand genetic testing, through its corporate venture capital (CVC) fund, Shimadzu Future Innovation Fund L.P. (Shimadzu FIF). This is Shimadzu FIF's first investment.

ChromaCode is a startup that expands the number of target genes available in existing PCR with its proprietary reagents and analysis software to enable high-precision “multiplex PCR”(High Definition PCR, HDPCR) *. PCR is a technique that replicates and amplifies DNA with specific genetic information to test for the presence of a target gene. ChromaCode's HDPCR is a platform technology that can be applied to a wide range of genetic tests, including cancer and infectious diseases, and is expected to expand the scope of PCR testing.

Next-generation sequencers (NGS) and PCR are used to select the best treatments for diseases with genetic abnormalities, such as cancer, from the DNA sequences that make up an organism's genetic information. NGS can perform comprehensive genomic testing, but it is expensive and can take up to several days. On the other hand, PCR enables faster testing with low cost, but it can measure only 3~5 target genes at a time. ChromaCode's proprietary reagents and analysis software enable HDPCR, which expands the number of genes that can be measured simultaneously by a factor of 4~10, providing low-cost and fast testing in 24 hours.

Shimadzu has contributed on the prevention of the spread of Covid-19 with PCR detection reagent kits and “AutoAmp”, a fully-automatic PCR testing device. Shimadzu FIF has invested in ChromaCode, which has the potential of innovative PCR extension technology. With this investment, Shimadzu will support ChromaCode's business and contribute to the development of cancer and infectious diseases testing technologies.

  • *HDPCR is a trademark of ChromaCode

About ChromaCode

Name ChromaCode Inc.
CEO Mark McDonough
Location California, USA
Founded 2012

About Shimadzu FIF

Name Shimadzu Future Innovation Investment L.P.
Fund Size JPY 5 billion
Fund Term 10 years
General Partner Global Brain Corporation
Limited Partner Shimadzu Corporation