July 31, 2023 | News & Notices CVC Fund “Shimadzu Future Innovation Fund” has invested in IMMUNOSENS Co., Ltd., developing immunoassay technology.

On July 26, Shimadzu Corporation invested in IMMNUNOSENS Co., Ltd. (IMMUNOSENS) which has a proprietary immunoassay technology through the Shimadzu Future Innovation Fund (Shimadzu FIF), a corporate venture capital (CVC) fund. The company is a start-up from Osaka University aiming at social implementation of the Gold Linked Electrochemical Immuno Assay (GLEIA), an immunoassay developed by Eiichi Tamiya, a specially appointed professor at the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University, by combining immune and electrochemical reactions.

POCT (Point of Care Testing) * is attracting attention as it contributes to the testing of infectious diseases, early detection of lifestyle-related diseases, and prevention of diseases. In POCT, there are two types of tests, one is a simple test kit and the other is a large testing machine. The former is simple and inexpensive, but there are problems with sensitivity and quantitation, and the latter, which can be accurately measured, requires to be outsourced by a hospital that does not have equipment. IMMUNOSENS’s "GLEIA" is a small instrument that achieves the same high sensitivity as a large precise testing machine. Therefore, it is expected to be applied not only in clinical practice but also in emergency testings at disaster sites and waterfront measures against infectious diseases.

Shimadzu has contributed on the clinical diagnosis business, focusing on analysis equipment and diagnostic imaging equipment. Shimadzu FIF has invested in IMMUNOSENS, which has the potential of proprietary immunoassay "GLEIA". With this investment, Shimadzu will support the IMMUNOSENS’s business and contribute to the development of the clinical diagnosis field.

  • *On-the-spot, real-time testing



CEO Hirokazu Sugihara
Location Suita City, Osaka Pref.
Founded January 2018

About Shimadzu FIF

Name Shimadzu Future Innovation Investment L.P.
Founded April 2023
Fund Size JPY 5 billion
Fund Term 10 years
Target Stage Seed Early, but also Middle and later in the growth phase
Investment Fields Healthcare, Green Transformation (GX), Materials, Industry
General Partner Global Brain Corporation
Limited Partner Shimadzu Corporation