December 14, 2023 | News & Notices Compact size, High Sensitivity, Durability and Easy Maintenance Heighten the Efficiency of Environmental, Chemical, and Food Analyses
Release of the GCMS-QP2050 Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

Photo: GCMS-QP2050 Quadrupole Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

Photo: GCMS-QP2050 Quadrupole Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

Shimadzu Corporation will release the GCMS-QP2050 quadrupole gas chromatograph mass spectrometer. The internal structure has been improved in comparison to previous models, so this product is more durable, and provides stable, highly reliable measurement data. Time required for maintenance of the component (ion source) that ionizes complicated samples has been reduced up to 95 % in comparison to the conventional models. The efficiency of user operations has been increased by including a variety of functions, such as compatibility with optionally available automatic data analysis via AI algorithm, time management that can assess the operating status of the instrument, and remote control of the instruments.

Gas chromatograph mass spectrometers (GC-MS) investigate the type and amount of compounds in a sample by dividing the sample at the atomic and molecular levels. GC-MS systems are used in examinations of pesticides and other regulated environmental substances, and for quality control and commercial development of food products and chemical products. In recent years, these systems have been more widely applied, leading to the need to reduce instrument downtime and simplify maintenance.

This product combines the industry's smallest equipment size with high robustness due to the newly designed quadrupole rods. With simple component configuration, the maintenance burden on users has been eased by simplifying troublesome and difficult tasks. It supports the efficiency of operations with a variety of user support functions, such as automatic creation of optimal analysis method, and real-time display of equipment start-up and measurement time.

Shimadzu is contributing to research and development and quality control in a variety of fields including the environment and the life sciences through the GCMS-QP2050.


1. Industry-leading sensitivity and high durability

The design of the mass spectrometer in the GCMS-QP2050 has been completely revised. The interface for ionizing samples, ion sources, quadrupole rods, and detector have been refined, and the sensitivity has been improved by about 2.5 times compared to conventional models.

The pre-rods* on the newly designed quadrupole rods prevents contamination by effectively transmitting only ions, thereby providing stable measurement results over an extended period.

2. Simplified Maintenance and AI Technology Eases Task Load

Maintenance frequency has been reduced up to 80 % by developing a long-lasting, contamination-resistant structure for the component (filament) that emit electrons necessary for ionization of samples. The ion source consists of a number of components, and the procedures for periodic maintenance were complicated. The structure of the ion source in this product has been simplified, so tasks requiring approximately 25 minutes with previous models have been shortened to approximately 1 minute.

Simplified Maintenance and AI Technology Eases Task Load

3. Compact Design, the Smallest Class in the Industry, and High Expandability

The width of this product is 280 mm which is the smallest in the industry. In combination with our compact GC-2050, it have achieved a maximum reduction of 27% compared to the conventional model. The time management function of the workflow provides real-time visibility into the end time, even for long-term continuous analysis. The instrument status can be checked from a remote location via a LAN connection, so it can be controlled, and data can be accessed without installing a computer in the laboratory. Additionally, the product is compatible with the Peakintelligence for GCMS series of optionally available software programs equipped with AI algorithms uniquely developed by Shimadzu, so even complicated data is processed automatically with high accuracy.

Left: Example of a combination system with the GC-2050 compact GC Photo Right: Example of a system combined with the high-end GC-2030 model

Left: Example of a combination system with the GC-2050 compact GC Photo
Right: Example of a system combined with the high-end GC-2030 model

  • *This mechanism is installed at the quadrupole inlet to transmit ions originating from the source. The quadrupole is one of the mechanisms comprising the mass spectrometer. Switching the voltage allows users to selectively transmit the ions they wish to measure.

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GCMS-QP2050 quadrupole gas chromatograph mass spectrometer