March 14, 2024 | News & Notices Launch of SMILE guard Preventive Part Replacement Service
Shimadzu Launches a Connected Service Business for Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging Systems

Applicable Angiography System for SMILE guard Service

Applicable Angiography System for SMILE guard Service

Shimadzu Corporation launches SHIMADZU Connected, a connected service business for diagnostic X-ray imaging system parts. SHIMADZU Connected is the collective name for various businesses that generate recurring revenues from offering continuous service contracts, parts, and software licenses to healthcare institutions that are Shimadzu customers and businesses that offer new service solutions based on the operating status of equipment at those customers. SHIMADZU Connected businesses use technology for remotely monitoring the operating status of customer equipment. As a first step, Shimadzu will launch SMILE guard, a service for replacing X-ray tubes before they fail. The service will be offered in Japan through Shimadzu Medical Systems Corporation (President & CEO: Yoshiaki Miura; Head Office: Osaka City), a subsidiary of Shimadzu Corporation. Under the service contract, Shimadzu will recommend the replacement of parts before they fail, based on the operating status of Shimadzu angiography systems for which at least one year has elapsed since the purchase date.

If part wear, age-related deterioration, or anything else causes a diagnostic X-ray imaging system to unexpectedly stop functioning, it could be very disadvantageous for both the healthcare institution and patients. It would force both the medical personnel and patients involved to change their schedules and would significantly increase labor hours and costs. The SMILE guard service allows systems to be operated continuously with no unexpected interruptions by remotely monitoring the system operating status and replacing parts based on the operating status before they fail. Due to the decrease in time required to restore systems after unexpected accidents, using the service will also reduce labor hours and lead to working practice reforms for both medical personnel and Shimadzu service personnel.

In 2007, Shimadzu began offering a remote maintenance service that minimizes the length of instrument service downtimes by notifying workers whenever Shimadzu detected a diagnostic X-ray imaging system malfunction/failure. By utilizing that same infrastructure, the SMILE guard service was developed to monitor, analyze, and officially determine the operating status and number of failures of applicable customer systems. It is the first time Shimadzu has offered a preventive part replacement service based on remote monitoring.

Shimadzu Corporation is launching the SHIMADZU Connected service businesses in an effort to become a “company that provides end-to-end solutions,” as specified in the medium-term management plan that started in 2023. From Spring 2025, Shimadzu plans to expand the SMILE guard service by offering it in the United States and China regions and by including product lines other than angiography systems. Shimadzu will also expand the sales of SHIMADZU Connected services to include providing state-of-the-art software for assisting with the establishment of IT-BCPs (business continuity plans for IT systems), proposing optional software based on the operating status of equipment, and conducting training workshops on how to use equipment.