April 9, 2024 | News & Notices MALDI EasyCare: Increase uptime with Shimadzu’s upgrade option for MALDI-8000 series benchtop linear MALDI-TOF mass spectrometers

Shimadzu Corporation announces the release of the MALDI EasyCare option for the MALDI-8000 series benchtop linear MALDI-TOF mass spectrometers. The updated MALDI-8000 series now includes the following instruments: MALDI-8020 EasyCare, MALDI-8030 EasyCare, and 2 EasyCare-ready systems, MALDI-8020 and MALDI-8030 which can be upgraded with MALDI EasyCare. The EasyCare feature enables customers to recover optimal performance by performing instrument maintenance – manual clean of the ion optics and automated tuning of the instrument - thereby reducing engineer call-outs. The entire process is guided by a software wizard resulting in an easy workflow which requires no technical experience. MALDI EasyCare will improve uptime in laboratories and increase analytical productivity on the already successful benchtop MALDI-8000 series, allowing customers to focus on what they do best, which is to produce data for their business.

The MALDI-8020 EasyCare and MALDI-8030 EasyCare systems will retain the class-leading performance of the MALDI-8000 series, without compromising on flexibility. The versatility of dual-polarity in the MALDI-8030 EasyCare will cater for compounds best suited to analysis in negative ion mode, whilst allowing the option of positive ion-only mode in MALDI-8020 EasyCare for customers with dedicated applications. The easy upgrade from the EasyCare-ready versions of MALDI-8020 and MALDI-8030 expands customer options. The combination of the compact footprint of the eco-friendly benchtop system and class-leading performance, now featuring the new, easy, self-maintenance MALDI EasyCare utility, further enhances the established role of the MALDI-8000 series as analytical workhorses ideal for teaching, quality control and research laboratories.

User of MALDI-8000 series opens access panel provided by MALDI EasyCare to clean ion optics 

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