January 19, 2024 | News & Notices The AA-7800 Series Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer has been Recognized for Inclusion in the JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol. 25 2023

The Shimadzu AA-7800 series atomic absorption spectrophotometer has been recognized for inclusion in the JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol. 25 2023, sponsored by the Japan Industrial Design Association. This is the third Shimadzu product to be recognized in this way, continuing on from the MobileDaRt Evolution MX8 Version digital mobile X-ray system and the Nexera series ultra high performance liquid chromatograph in 2021.
Atomic absorption spectrophotometers (AA) are analytical instruments that rely on the fact that atoms absorb light at specific wavelengths depending on the element, and the higher the concentration of an element, the larger the amount of light absorbed. The amount of each element in a sample can thus be determined, which is useful in quality control in fields such as foods, raw materials, and chemistry, and for examining water quality and toxic substances in soil. This series, which was released in June of last year, features the world’s smallest installation footprint*. In addition, it is flexible enough to be applicable for a variety of analysis applications, and provides safety and user-friendliness so that even inexperienced users can use it with confidence. Further, remote data analysis via a network connection heightens the flexibility of the work style of the analysis operator.

  • *The world’s smallest dual system capable of switching between flame measurements and furnace measurements (Shimadzu in-house investigation)

AA-7800 Series Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

AA-7800 Series Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Evaluation by Judging Committee

Generally speaking, the more specialized the product, the more likely it is to be designed solely for a limited number of users. In contrast, the charm of this product is that it is designed from an open, impartial perspective for accessibility by a wider range of users. At the same time, ample care has been taken to ensure that operators who use it frequently for their professional duties describe it as reliable, safe, and motivating. A design consisting of a balance with very high precision has been realized.

JIDA Design Museum Selection

On the theme of aiming to create enriching and attractive lifestyles, the association selects and commends products featuring high-quality industrial design that contributes to society. At the same time, they aim to make cultural contributions to education, industry, and everyday living by collecting and preserving these products and conveying them to the next generation. In 2023, there were 219 recommendations from JIDA staff and the general public, of which a total of 60 products were selected (four of which were chosen as gold selections).


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