April 3, 2019 | News & Notices Two Analytical Instruments Receive the Red Dot Design Award 2019

Two Analytical Instruments Receive the Red Dot Design Award 2019


The Shimadzu Nexera Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph series and the UV-1900 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer have been awarded Red Dot Award 2019 winner prizes in the product design category of the Red Dot Design Award. The same prize was awarded to the VESTA Vacuum and Pressurized Sintering Furnace of Shimadzu Industrial Systems Co., Ltd. in 2014, and to the AIM-9000 Infrared Microscope and IRSpirit Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer series in 2018.

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the 3 major design awards in the world, alongside the German iF Design Award and the US IDEA Award. This year manufacturers and designers from 55 countries submitted the designs of more than 5500 products to the product design category. Based on the quest for “excellent design and innovation,” experienced designers in various fields judge products based on innovation, functionality, quality, ergonomics, and durability.

The award ceremony will be held in Essen, in northwestern Germany, on 8 July 2019. An actual Nexera series instrument and an explanatory panel showing the UV-1900 will be displayed in the Red Dot Museum in the city for the next year.

The Nexera Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph Series

A high-performance liquid chromatograph is a device that pressurizes a liquid and efficiently separates and detects analytes by the differences in interaction between the stationary and mobile phases. The “Nexera Series” reduces the installation footprint by 40% compared to existing models, while increasing the number of autosampler samples that can be measured by 1.5. By incorporating IoT and various sensing technologies, the instruments achieve ultra-high-speed and ultra-high-speed volume multi-sample analysis.

The UV-1900 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometers are devices that measure the intensity of light absorption and emission of chemical substances. The UV-1900 has introduced the ultra-high-speed scanning function that enables data acquisition at 29,000 nm/min (it takes about 3 seconds in the visible light range), the fastest level in the industry. It is the first Shimadzu spectrometers to use a color touch panel and the system also supports five languages including Spanish and Portuguese.


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