March 22, 2022 | News & Notices For the Sixth Consecutive Year, Shimadzu was Selected as a Nadeshiko Brand that Actively Empowers Women within the Company


For six consecutive years, Shimadzu Corporation has been selected as a Nadeshiko brand in recognition of being a publicly listed company that actively promotes the role of women in the workplace.
Nadeshiko brands are selected each year by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange from among all companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in recognition of companies in each category that promote the active participation of women in the workplace. 

Shimadzu has a long history of cultivating a woman-friendly workplace culture, beginning with the pre and postnatal leave policy introduced in 1948 and then continuing policy improvements implemented for ensuring women can continue working. In recent years, an effort is being made to use measures for empowering women in the workplace to promote diversity and improve systems and create a workplace culture conducive for anyone to work easily at Shimadzu.
In addition to initiatives to improve the leadership development, career awareness, and skills of our female employees, we actively hold in-house lectures and other events to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion as a matter of personal concern for each and every employee. Starting in 2020, we instituted "Shimadzu Diversity Day.”