June 24, 2021 | News & Notices Switch to Renewable Energy at Major Domestic Locations
Promoting the use of renewable energy for electricity use as declared in RE100

Head Office/Sanjo Works in Kyoto

Head Office/Sanjo Works in Kyoto

Starting in July 2021, Shimadzu Corporation will switch the electricity used at Shimadzu Group sites in Japan (plants, laboratories, etc., with direct electricity contracts) to electricity that is effectively 100 % renewable energy-derived (referred to below as renewable electricity), using Non-Fossil Certificates with Tracking Information.*
Climate change is a global issue, and countries worldwide are making commitments to accelerate their decarbonization efforts. Shimadzu joined RE100 in March 2021 and declared that all electricity used by the Group would be renewable electricity by 2050. We have set intermediate targets of 85 % in 2030 and 90 % in 2040. In the future, we will also promote the use of renewable electricity at our overseas sites and domestic offices (sites without direct electricity contracts).

In addition to using solar power generation facilities for in-house consumption, the Group has already been using renewable electricity at some of its sites in Europe and elsewhere. Furthermore, because the environment for supplying renewable electricity in Japan has improved, we have renegotiated contracts with our existing power companies to supply renewable electricity and have also signed contracts with two new companies.
Evergreen Marketing, which has contracts with part of the Sanjo Works and the Seta Works, among others, will supply electricity mainly from the biomass-fueled Tosa Power Plant (with a generation output of 20 MW) owned by the eREX Group.
The Shimadzu Technology Research Laboratory, our research center at Keihanna (Seika-cho, Souraku-gun, Kyoto), has signed the first contract with Osaka Gas (distributor: Daigas Energy) for “D-Green Premium.” This will supply power from newly installed renewable energy sources without using the feed-in tariff (FIT) system and has the effect of encouraging investment in new renewable energy facilities.

Shimadzu believes that realizing a carbon-free society requires new technological developments and innovations and working with energy companies and materials manufacturers. We are also considering collaborations with the electric power companies that we have signed contracts with this time to put the results we achieve into practice in the community.

  • * Non-Fossil Certificate with Tracking Information
    Certification that the electricity was generated using renewable energy power sources such as solar power and wind power, and information on the power generation equipment


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