March 18, 2022 | News & Notices Release of the New IRXross Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer, Featuring High Functionality and High Usability

IRXross Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer

IRXross Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer

Shimadzu Corporation announces the release of the IRXross, a new Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer. This model has approximately twice the sensitivity and resolution of its predecessor, the IRAffinity-1S. Usability has also improved with the addition of the IR Pilot, an analysis support program that can be utilized even by inexperienced users.

Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometers are suitable for analyzing high polymer materials and organic materials. They can easily measure what types of materials a sample contains, therefore they are widely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries for research, development, and quality control applications.

The new IRXross offers the high performance and easy operation that meets the demands of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In terms of sensitivity, (an index of particular importance when selecting a model) the IRXross provides an S/N ratio of 55,000:1, the highest in its class. It is also compliant with data integrity regulations required in the pharmaceutical field. On top of that, this model comes with the IR Pilot analysis support program, and as a result, accurate measurement results can be easily obtained even by users without extensive analysis experience.

Shimadzu will continue to expand its FTIR lineup to contribute to research, development, and quality control in a variety of fields, from conventional fields to new materials and biopharmaceuticals.

IRPilot Software Window

IRPilot Software Window


1. Top-Class Performance

Performance has been significantly improved over the current model, the IRAffinity-1S, in terms of sensitivity, resolution, and analysis speed. In particular, with regard to sensitivity, (an index of the highest importance for the analysis of contamination) this model is at the top of its class with an S/N ratio of 55,000:1. Maximum resolution is twice that of the current model, enabling the accurate separation and display of components of adjacent lights.

2. Provides High-speed Analysis

If the optional Rapid Scan Software is used, 20 times the number of data points can be collected per second compared to the current model, the IRAffinity-1S, shortening the analysis time to 1/20th while obtaining high-quality data.

3. Immediate Start of Analysis by Selecting the Program

The included IR Pilot analysis support software is capable of everything from measurement to printing of measurement results with a simple click. Whether a confirmation test or contaminant analysis, analysis can be performed immediately, simply by selecting one of 23 preregistered analysis programs to suit the objective. There is no need to set any of the conditions required for analysis, which heightens analysis efficiency and saves on labor.

4. Assurance of Regulatory Compliance

This product is compliant with data integrity regulations required for the pharmaceutical industry. Password length and period of validity can be configured for user accounts, enabling operation at a high security level. In addition to the analysis data, all information including metadata* is reliably managed, simplifying checks of whether or not the instrument is being used differently than expected, and preventing file deletion and data tampering.

*This is additional data such as the date and time the data was obtained, the setting conditions when the data was obtained, and who created the data.

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