June 17, 2020 | News & Notices Shimadzu Corporation and RIKEN Innovation Co., Ltd. Sign a Collaboration Agreement to Create New Businesses Based on Brain and Five Senses Measurement Research Results from RIKEN

Shimadzu Corporation
RIKEN Innovation Co., Ltd.

Shimadzu Corporation and RIKEN Innovation Co., Ltd. have signed an agreement to jointly start an R&D program based on measuring the function of the brain and the five senses. The two companies intend to contribute to society by having Shimadzu start new businesses based on research results achieved by RIKEN.

RIKEN and Shimadzu Corporation have an extensive history of working together on many joint research projects in measurement fields (such as applications involving X-ray measurement, PET probe development, and mass spectrometry) and data analysis fields in medical diagnosis (such as gene amplification, detection, product identification, and proteomics). Through a broad partnership since the fall of 2018, the companies have been discussing a new framework for solving challenging issues facing society.

Based on the agreement, the companies plan to strengthen their partnership, exchange researchers, identify joint research topics, and establish a joint laboratory within 2021. To develop a deeper understanding of humans, the joint laboratory will build a research platform for measuring brain activity, analyzing data, and understanding the true nature of brain functions. From the various advanced measurement technologies owned by Shimadzu Corporation and the broad range of research fields in which RIKEN is involved, the partnership intends to integrate their knowledge and research results from data science and the life sciences, especially brain science, and to start R&D program with the aim of creating businesses based on measuring the brain and five senses. The agreement is effective for two years, through fiscal years 2020 and 2021.

About RIKEN Innovation Co., Ltd.

On September 5, 2015, RIKEN Innovation was established as a company wholly owned by RIKEN under a new law to promote science, technology, and innovation. RIKEN Innovation cooperates and collaborates closely with RIKEN, having the mission of rapidly returning research results as value to society and contributing to Japanese innovation. 

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