April 26, 2022 | News & Notices Using the World’s First AI-Enhanced Cutting-Edge Image Processing System*1
Release of New Angiography System that Supports Catheterization Procedures Performed throughout the Body for Cardiac and Other Diseases

Trinias Angiography System

Shimadzu Corporation will commence worldwide*2 sales of its flagship Trinias™ angiography system on April 26.

The new Trinias system uses AI deep learning technology to improve the visibility of medical devices while using 40% or more lower*3 X-ray dose of previous models. This represents the first time AI has been incorporated into the image processing engine of an angiography system. The new Trinias system also offers new customization features to create a simple, easy-to-use workspace that allows efficient operation in any medical setting. With the launch of a subscription service that ensures software is always updated to the current version, the new Trinias system offers a sustainable product designed for long-term use.

  • *1 Among image processing engines in angiography systems released commercially as of March 2022 (based on Shimadzu’s research)
  • *2 FDA and CE marking have been approved. Depending on the regulation requirements of each country, there are some regions that cannot be released at the same time.
  • *3 Comparison with our conventional system under standard dose ratio (Air Kerma) at 7.5pps and 10pps.


Angiography systems present real-time fluoroscopic images (moving images) of blood vessels using very low doses of X-rays projected on the patient from any direction, allowing the state of blood vessels and medical devices to be observed throughout the body, and most notably vessels in the heart. Angiography systems are used to perform angiographic examinations, where the physician inserts a catheter (small tube) through a blood vessel in the patient’s wrist or inguinal region to a specific site (in the heart, head, liver, lungs, etc.) and observes an area of disease or concern, and also to perform catheterization procedures, where a therapeutic device is inserted in the patient and used to dilate blood vessels or perform other interventional procedures.

Medical facilities are increasingly operating angiography systems at low radiation levels to reduce X-ray doses, but low radiation levels also lead to X-ray noise that reduces device visibility. To support the low-dose operation of angiography systems by medical facilities and ever-smaller therapeutic devices that reduce the burden on patients, Shimadzu has developed SCORE™ Opera, a new image processing technology that uses AI to ensure catheterization procedures are safe even at low radiation doses.


1. Reduce X-Ray Doses 40% or More with SCORE Opera, the World’s First AI-Enhanced Image Processing Technology

AI deep learning technology provides noise suppression and contrast enhancement, improving the visibility of devices that are typically difficult to identify at low radiation doses. Fluoroscopic exposure accounts for more than 90 % of X-ray exposure time in angiographic examinations and catheterization procedures. The new SCORE Opera reduces 40% or more X-ray dose from fluoroscopic exposure while also visualizing stents and other therapeutic devices inserted into blood vessels clearly.

2. Touch Panel and Monitor Layout are Freely Customizable according to Usage Needs

Touch panel operation is customizable with around 100 functions and up to 24 different configurations to meet the usage requirements of individual physicians and departments at any medical facility and allow more efficient use of the system. Optimal work space arrangements will differ depending on the medical facility, type of procedure, and composition of the team performing the procedure. The new integrated monitor solution, SMART Display, gives users total freedom to design the monitor layout best suited to efficiently managing essential tasks in the examination room and control room.

3. Subscribe to Stay Current with the Latest Software Updates

The SCORE Link subscription service (annual subscription) performs regular software updates and ensures that, after system installation, all examinations and procedures are performed with the latest software.  The Trinias system is also designed to be less intrusive with smaller cabinets and fewer cables, and together with subscription-based software updates provides an overall more sustainable solutions.

Note: The AI (artificial intelligence) technology used in SCORE Opera is not self-guided iterative learning-type AI.

Trade Name Trinias angiography system
Manufacturing and Sales Certification Number 224ABBZX00053000
Generic Name Stationary digital radiography/fluoroscopy diagnostic system for circulatory systems (Trinias angiography system)

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Trinias angiography system