April 3, 2019 | News & Notices Release of RADspeed Pro style edition General Radiography System, Expanded Selection of Optional items Ensures Systems can be Configured Based on Customer Needs


Shimadzu Corporation has released the RADspeed Pro style edition general radiography system, incorporating a wide selection of optional items enabling flexible system configuration.

General radiography systems are the first choice for diagnostic imaging for many body parts and for a wide variety of applications such as outpatient and emergency care facilities. Shimadzu has installed large numbers of general radiography systems in many medical facilities ranging from large-scale hospitals to small clinics, both within and outside Japan.

The new RADspeed Pro style edition provides the same fundamental performance as previous models, but also offers a wide selection of optional items designed to improve operability. The vertical tracking function allows the ceiling mounted X-ray tube to track the exposure area automatically in a vertical direction, providing easier positioning. The cable guide option consolidates all ceiling cables and routed them within the ceiling rails, providing smoother X-ray tube support movement. In addition, the rotating Bucky tray allows the flat panel detector (FPD) to be easily rotated into the imaging position. The style edition features a combination of various functions and stylish design.

Shimadzu is promoting a “DR Neutral 2.0” concept, based on offering Shimadzu X-ray systems configured in combination with a digital radiography (DR) system selected to ideally suit customer needs. System functions can also be linked closely to the functionality of non-Shimadzu DR systems, such as auto-stitching radiography and displaying patient information on the main unit.

New Product Features

1. Ceiling Tube Mount Automatically Tracks Bucky Stand and Bucky Table

The vertical tracking function, previously only available on high-end ceiling-mounted systems, is now available in RADspeed Pro style edition systems. This means that whenever the Bucky stand or Bucky table height is adjusted, the ceiling tube mount height is automatically adjusted, further improving positioning efficiency.

2. New Optional Cable Guide

Cables routed along ceiling rails can inhibit free positioning of the X-ray tube support. The new optional cable guide not only improves mobility by bundling cables inside the guide and integrating the guide with the ceiling rails, but also provides a stylish appearance and a more organized examination environment.

3. Expanded Selection of FPD Trays

The selection of trays, required for placing the FPD into the Bucky stand or Bucky table, has been expanded. The line of available models now includes a tray for 14 x 17-inch FPDs that can be rotated to portrait or landscape orientations without removing the FPD unit and a tray designed specifically for large 17 x 17-inch FPDs, providing a wider range of choices for optimizing systems for a given application.