December 2, 2021 | News & Notices Shimadzu Customer Service Center Established to Expand Business Activities Related to Medical Systems in China
Aiming to Provide New Consultant Style Service

Shimadzu has established a customer service center at Shimadzu (China) Co., Ltd. (Beijing Branch) in order to respond to customer needs more quickly. The intent is to expand business activities related to medical systems in China. In addition to explaining operational procedures for diagnostic imaging systems and providing technical service, the center handles sales inquiries for systems through a toll-free phone number and an official account on Wechat.
This is the first time that a customer service center has been established outside of Japan for business activities related to Shimadzu medical systems. As the contact center for medical systems business in China, the goal is to respond quickly to customer needs and at the same time provide a new consultant style service using data analysis. The needs of the customer are assessed smoothly, and then utilized to expand service activities and product development.

This center, which began operation in October, is equipped to provide primary response, resolving problems utilizing simulators and databases specific to angiography systems, fluoroscopy systems, general radiography systems, mobile X-ray systems, and mobile C-arm imaging systems.
Specialized service engineers stationed permanently at the center use Wechat video communications to provide easy-to-understand operational guidance. In addition, if a repair visit is necessary, they take care of everything from shipping parts to ordering the dispatch of field engineers, thereby responding to the needs of the customer quickly and efficiently.
In addition, by upgrading the remote maintenance system, information on errors and problems within the systems the customer is using can now be detected even more accurately. Information transmitted automatically is received at the center, and appropriate measures are implemented in a timely manner.

By operating this center, Shimadzu intends to even further reduce the downtime for diagnostic imaging systems at medical facilities. At the same time, the goal is to analyze the data collected at this center on system operational status and applications usage separately by medical facility, and use this to provide a new consultant style service to the customer. The speedy response and new added value will improve customer satisfaction, and the data collected will be used to develop new products and new services, thereby expanding medical systems business activities in the Chinese market.

Customer Service Center

Name Customer Service Center
Date Established October 21, 2021
Location 14F, China Life Tower, No. 16 Chao yang men wai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020 P.R. China
Shimadzu (China) Co., Ltd. (Beijing Branch)


Customer Service Center
Customer Service Center

Service engineers stationed at the Center resolve problems rapidly using simulators and databases.

Service engineers stationed at the Center resolve problems rapidly using simulators and databases.