November 27, 2019 | News & Notices Beijing and Guangzhou Locations Strengthened to Expand Business in China

Shimadzu Corporation expanded the functions of two key Shimadzu locations in China, Beijing and Guangzhou. In 2015, Shimadzu Corporation established the Shimadzu China Mass Spectrometry Center in Beijing and has been developing applications mainly collaboration with influential customers in China market. On October 22, an opening ceremony was held for the China Innovation Center, a research and development organization incorporated the China Mass Spectrometry Center for the purpose of expanding joint research and development by strengthening capabilities for developing advanced customers and markets and searching for innovative development projects. In the future, the center will be used to promote joint research and development with influential researchers and customers in various fields.

The Guangzhou Branch relocated to an area where there is a high concentration of high-tech companies and held an opening ceremony on October 21. Based on the concepts “strengthen our ability to understand customer needs” and “improve our overall problem-solving capabilities,” the Analysis Center area was expanded to approx. three times than the previous size, with expanded/improved facilities for the training of our product users and demonstrating instruments. Through this relocation, it is aimed to deepen interaction with customers in South China area and provide comprehensive solutions. Guangzhou is close to Shenzhen, which established many start-up companies, and the new office aims to become a place for creating open innovation with a wide variety of our product users.


Overview of Guangzhou Branch’s New Office

Address : 230, Gaotang Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, P.R. China
Building Floor Area : About 6200 m2
Number of Employees : About 200