April 8, 2019 | News & Notices Seminars Held at big hospitals in Vietnam

Shimadzu Corporation held seminars in Vietnam at the Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, the Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Hue City, and at the Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi City from February 25 to March 1.

The population of Vietnam exceeded 90 million in 2014 and is growing at an annual rate of about 1.1 % while economic growth is also significant, with nominal GDP per capita expected to reach about US $2,800 in 2020. The medical market is expanding along with economic growth and population growth and the need for diagnostic imaging equipment is increasing year by year.

The event in Vietnam was sponsored by Shimadzu, and in addition to presentations by seminars from Kyoto University Hospital, Shiga University of Medical Science Hospital and Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Shimadzu staff also gave talks. The latest diagnostic imaging technology and equipment were introduced, and lively discussions and Q&A sessions were held at each of the three hospitals.

Shimadzu strives to develop healthcare solutions around the world by interacting with medical facilities and providing products and technologies.


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