September 3, 2019 | News & Notices Shimadzu’s New UP Series of Top-Loading Balances

Shimadzu’s New UP Series of Top-Loading Balances

Shimadzu announces the release of the UP series of top-loading balances. This series consists of 24 models with weighing capacity* ranging from 220 g (minimum display of 0.001 g) to 8200 g (minimum display of 0.1 g), with and without a built-in calibration weight. They feature a significantly improved response time for minute sample measurements to approximately 1/9th that of previous models (the UW/UX series), and incorporate the impact resistant UniBloc sensor, which reduces downtime. As a result, they will contribute to heightening the efficiency of measurement processes using top-loading balances.

In activities by pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers, as well as on production lines and in selection processes at logistics warehouses, measurement is typically in the range of a few hundred grams to several kilograms. Measurements are performed frequently, so the instruments must offer a fast response, and be impact resistant and robust. Featuring a world-class response rate and excellent robustness, the UP series top-loading balances will contribute to improved productivity at various sites. Using the STABLO-AP static eliminator (sold separately) can prevent fluctuations in measured values due to static electricity, as well as the adhesion of powders to containers and spatulas, which will further improve efficiency.

* Maximum Measurable Weights


1. Fastest Responsiveness in its Class

By incorporating cutting-edge digital control, the display response time for minute sample measurements has been shortened from 9 seconds for previous models to 1 second.

2. Excellent Impact Resistance

The UniBloc integrated aluminum sensor mechanism has been adopted for the UP series. Conventional sensor units, which are fastened with screws, have been replaced with a solid aluminum alloy block. With no screw connections, the structure is impact resistant. In addition, aluminum die casting has been used for the housing, making it resistant to corrosion from chemicals.

3. Static Eliminator Heightens Productivity

For the UP series, Shimadzu recommends the STABLO-AP as the solution for static electricity. With its excellent ion balance, this static eliminator (sold separately) minimizes fluctuations in measured values due to static electricity. Furthermore, it prevents the adhesion of powder to containers and spatulas, which improves productivity.


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