January 12, 2022 | News & Notices Integrating Fluoroscopy Room and Radiography Room into One.
Release of FLEXAVISION F4 package with FPD Capable of both Fluoroscopy and Wireless Radiography

Remote-controlled Fluoroscopy system FLEXAVISION F4 package

Remote-controlled Fluoroscopy system

On January 12th in 2022, Kyoto Japan, Shimadzu Corporation releases a new remote R/F (Radiography and Fluoroscopy) system “FLEXAVISION F4 package” in global market except for North America and China. FLEXAVISION F4, even with its compact body, can perform wireless radiography in addition to fluoroscopy using a large field of view (FOV) wireless flat panel detector (FPD). This high-performance system provides further flexibility in your R/F room with minimal investment to cover various types of examinations.
Larger than the previous model, 17×14-inch FPD of FLEXAVISION F3, the new F4’s 17×17-inch FPD offers broader FOV and higher examination efficiency. Furthermore, that FPD can support wireless radiography by detaching from the main R/F table unit, then can be used for wider range of examinations such as orthopedics or chest radiography as well. This enables to perform a variety of examinations in the same one room that were previously performed separately in a fluoroscopy room and a radiography room.

Shimadzu FLEXAVISION series is highly recognized for its compactness and multipurpose use in gastrointestinal, urological, orthopedic, and other fields, and has sold over 5,000 units worldwide.
The new F4 package will contribute further to the healthcare facilities and patients around the world providing a wider variety of applications and higher operational efficiency evolving from the previous series.


1. Multipurpose System for both Fluoroscopy and Radiography

The 17-inch square large-field FPD ensures smooth fluoroscopy examinations even for areas that were difficult to observe using previous models, such as for urological examinations that require simultaneously observing the entire area from the kidneys to the bladder. Furthermore, the FPD unit can be detached from the R/F table and can be used for wireless radiography by placing the FPD on the table or freely positioning it close to the observation body part.

2. Flexibility to Configure an Examination Room Tailored to Your Needs

FLEXAVISION F4 provides further evolution of its flexibility to meet your needs. In addition to the portable wireless FPD, it can be combined with a bucky stand, ceiling-mounted X-ray tube, and 2nd FPD. Therefore, your fluoroscopy room can also function as a radiography room, improving the operation rate of the system/room. It could also be useful when multiple radiography examination rooms are necessary for infectious disease countermeasures.

3. Compact Design for Smooth Workflow

F4’s compact design based on the know-how accumulated in our previous series has realized a single control cabinet, which enables more spacious and effective utilization of both examination and remote control rooms. In the examination room, other devices can be arranged around the F4 table, and a wheelchair or stretcher can be moved in/out smoothly. In the control room, all operations can be performed via a single console, such as table operation, X-ray condition settings, and image post-processing. This compact system can maximize space efficiency to improve your daily workflow.

4. DSA Examinations

FLEXAVISION F4 can also perform DSA* examinations to observe blood flow, such as dialysis shunt examinations.

  • * DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography)
    An imaging technology used in diagnosing vascular diseases. Only the blood vessels with contrast medium can be visualized by eliminating ("subtracting") their surrounding bone and soft tissue from the X-ray image.


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