February 9, 2021 | News & Notices Improved Functionality Supports Working Remotely
Shimadzu’s New AOC-30 Series Automatic Sample Injection System for Gas Chromatographs

Product Photo: AOC-30 Series

Shimadzu Corporation announces the release of the AOC-30 series of automatic sample injection systems for gas chromatographs. Automatic sample injection systems (commonly referred to as “autoinjectors” or “autosamplers”*1) are pretreatment systems, mounted on gas chromatography (GC) or gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS) systems, that suction samples from vials loaded in the device using a syringe and inject them into the analysis system. By mechanizing the manual sampling (sample injection) process, automatic sample injection systems help increase productivity and improve the accuracy of simultaneous multi-analyte analysis.

Last year, Shimadzu celebrated the 50th anniversary of its first AOC series. These systems are mainly used for routine analysis work in pharmaceutical, chemical, and environmental fields. In addition to high basic performance levels, the new AOC-30 series offers enhanced functionality that ensures reliable, long-term operation and supports working remotely. The space-saving design makes it easier to mount on GC or GC-MS systems with limited space availability and facilitates system expansion based on analytical objectives. In addition, the system and software design, based on many years of cumulative expertise and knowledge, help ensure anyone can operate the instrument and obtain expert-level analytical results. Based on Shimadzu’s extensive wealth of unique technologies and functionality, AOC-30 series automatic sample injection systems offer the automation, productivity, and remote operability needed for next-generation laboratories.


1. High Reliability for Long-term Automatic Analysis Reduces Time Spent in Laboratories

The extended service life of consumables and the enhanced rinsing functionality for reducing sample carryover*2 help achieve the highest analytical accuracy levels in the industry over long periods. By reducing instrument maintenance frequency and maintenance time, it minimizes the time operators need to remain in the laboratory and supports remote operability for laboratory processes.

2. Space Efficiency and High Expandability Improve Laboratory Productivity

Despite a compact size that fits within the GC unit footprint, it enables automatic analysis of 30 samples to support a wide variety of routine analyses. It also allows for system expansion, such as by adding an autosampler that can expand capacity to 150 samples or by connecting two autoinjectors to one GC unit to double the processing capacity. That offers the flexibility for configuring systems based on a given application to achieve efficient operations.

3. The Operability of AOC-30 Series Systems Enables Expert-Level Analysis

“Analytical Intelligence” functionality*3 is included to ensure that expert-level measurement results can be obtained by simply selecting the analysis purpose with a single click. Extensive functionality is included to support working from home or remotely. These functions include remotely checking the system status or performing operations for everything from starting up the system to finishing analysis.

  • *1 The autoinjector uses a syringe to suction up samples from vials loaded in a tray and inject them into the GC unit. Autosamplers do not have injection functionality, but are used to supply samples to the autoinjector. An autosampler is added to the GC system in order to analyze more samples than the autoinjector capacity (30 samples).
  • *2 Carryover is a phenomenon where sample residues remaining from a previous analysis prevent obtaining correct measurement results.
  • *3 Analytical Intelligence functionality represents a new concept for analytical instruments offered by Shimadzu. The functionality assists users by suggesting the optimal system and software settings when using analytical instruments.

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