Gratings for severe environments with high temperature and humidity

Customer’s situation

They has been developing modules using diffraction gratings for optical communication modules. Diffraction gratings they evaluated showed coating peeling on the diffraction surface, which had been keeping their development pending.
They were looking for other diffraction gratings that have high reliability required in the optical communications industry, but it was hard to find them.

Advantages of Shimadzu products

★Advantage1: High reliability against severe temperature and humidity environments 
Shimadzu Diffraction Gratings for Optical Communication do not get no deterioration such as coating peeling even in severe environments, enabling long-term stable use.
The diffraction gratings has passed the following high temperature and humidity tests, low temperature tests, and temperature cycle tests in accordance with *Telcordia standard GR-1221-CORE.
*Telcordia standard: Reliability standard required for passive optical elements for optical communications

Test items in accordance with Telcordia GR-1221-CORE

Test items in accordance with Telcordia GR-1221-CORE

Benefits by using Shimadzu products

As a result of adopting a Shimadzu grating with excellent environmental durability, defects such as coating peeling were solved. Finally, they developed optical communication modules with long-term reliability.

Customer’s feedback

We appreciate Shimadzu for the development of new diffraction gratings for the optical communication industry.
Stable procurement of diffraction gratings with excellent environmental durability is one of strengths for our products.

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