Diffraction GratingsLaminar Gratings for Soft X-ray Region

Applying holographic exposure method and ion-beam etching technology, Shimadzu has developed laminar gratings for spectroscopy in a range from the vacuum ultraviolet region to the soft X-ray region. These gratings have grooves with a rectangular profile, which are directly etched into blanks made of, for example, synthetic silica. (Refer to Fig. 6.) Laminar gratings are recommended for oblique-incidence applications.

Configuration of Concave Gratings Fig.6 Groove Profile for Laminar Gratings
Configuration of Concave Gratings Fig.7 AFM Image of Laminar Gratings
Groove density : 1200grooves/mm
Groove depth : 15nm
Configuration of Concave Gratings Fig.8 Measurement for Absorption Spectrum of Argon