Diffraction GratingsLaminar-type Diffraction Gratings for VUV/Soft X-ray Region

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    Groove Density of 3000 ~ 6000/mm is now compatible.​

Configuration of Concave Gratings

AFM Image of Laminar Gratings


Applying holographic exposure method and ion-beam etching technology, Shimadzu has developed laminar gratings for spectroscopy in a range from the vacuum ultraviolet region to the soft X-ray region. These gratings have grooves with a rectangular profile, which are directly etched into blanks made of, for example, synthetic silica. (Refer to Fig.1.) Laminar gratings are recommended for oblique-incidence applications.


  • synchrotron radiation facility
Configuration of Concave Gratings

Fig.1 Groove Profile for Laminar Gratings


Configuration of Concave Gratings

Fig.2 Measurement for Absorption Spectrum of Argon

Coating Materials

Coating Materials

Correlation between Coating Material and Reflectance

※The graph is a simulation result using an ideal plane mirror with a film thickness of 30 nm and incident angle of 88 degrees. (Not guaranteed.)

※Wavelength can be converted to photon energy by the following equation:​
  E ≈ 1240 / λ​
 E [eV]: Photon energy ​
 λ [nm]: Wavelength