System Integration

System Integration

Shimadzu aims to improve the operation and convenience of its instruments by offering labor-saving sample preparation and automation operations. At the same time, we pursue research and development into solutions that utilize our core element technologies in thermal and fluid control and optics.

Overview of Technology

Applications for Heat / Fluid Control Technologies

Applications for Heat/Fluid Control Technologies

Applications of Optical Technologies

Underwater optical wireless communication device

Examples of Improved Operation and Convenience

LabSolutions MD Enables Optimization of Liquid Chromatography Parameter Settings without Relying on Experience or Intuition

Optimal analytical conditions can now be determined by comprehensively evaluating analytical conditions based on objective evaluations that do not depend on operator experience or intuition. As a result, even inexperienced operators can reliably develop analytical conditions that provide the reliable results necessary for applications such as pharmaceutical quality control.

●Data from Comprehensive Reviews of Analytical Conditions can be Evaluated Based on Objective Index Values



For details about LabSolutions MD, which enables optimization of analytical conditions regardless of experience or intuition,
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