Shimadzu Corporation (hereinafter “Shimadzu”) has hereby established Shimadzu Social Media Policy (hereinafter “Policy”) which specifies the attitudes and behaviors to be observed in the operation of the official social media account(s) of Shimadzu (hereinafter “Official Account(s)”) and information dissemination via the Official Account.

In this Policy, “social media” refers to media such as social networking services (SNS) and video-sharing sites that allow the transmission of information and interactive communication between an unspecified number of people via the Internet.

Purpose of Participating in Social Media

 Shimadzu engages in communication activities via social media to inform as many people as possible about Shimadzu products, technologies, services, personnel, and company initiatives based on its corporate philosophy: “Contributing to Society through Science and Technology.”

Stance on Participating in Social Media

Shimadzu understands;

  1. a) that information once disseminated through social media can be widely available to the public,
  2. b) that the content of such information may potentially affect the reputation of the company,
  3. c) and that information once disseminated cannot be completely deleted.

Shimadzu will listen to the views of stakeholders, and act responsibly.

Basic Policy for Operating Shimadzu Official Accounts

Shimadzu will operate Official Accounts in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and internal company rules.

Operation of Shimadzu Official Accounts

Shimadzu takes great care to ensure that information posted does not unfairly infringe upon the rights of others, including the rights to third parties’ portraits, copyrights, trademarks, and privacy rights.
In some cases, it may not be possible to reply or respond to posts (such as replies, comments, and direct messages) made to Shimadzu’s Official Accounts.
For inquiries about products, business, and other issues, refer to the Shimadzu website.

Information and Requests for Users of Social Media

The information provided through Shimadzu Official Accounts does not necessarily represent Shimadzu’s official position or pronouncement. Official announcements and opinions are made on Shimadzu’s official website or released via a press release, for example.

Changes to This Policy

Shimadzu may make changes to this Policy without prior notice. Changes to this Policy are considered effective when they are posted on the Shimadzu website or published by other means.

Created May 19, 2022