December 9, 2021

“A Quick Guide to Understanding Shimadzu in About 2 Minutes” Released

The video, “A Quick Guide to Understanding Shimadzu in About 2 Minutes”, is now available in English! We hope everyone enjoys watching it regardless of whether you are familiar with Shimadzu or not.

Our initial plan was to make a 1-minute video to quickly explain Shimadzu. However, we noticed that there were many important things to cover and the video length became longer than expected. Watch the video and learn about Shimadzu!


Outline of the Video

The video provides a brief overview of Shimadzu’s history, business, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the latest fiscal year’s highlights.

Since its inception in 1875, Shimadzu Corporation has offered solutions to society’s challenges by developing cutting-edge technologies. Based on the corporate philosophy: “Contributing to Society through Science and Technology”, the company provides advanced technologies in a wide array of industries to achieve sustainable growth.

We hope this video helps you better understand Shimadzu and its role in the world.

The Comments from the Person in Charge of the Corporate Communication Department

My hope is for more people around the world to better understand Shimadzu and become interested in the company after watching this video.

Please take about two minutes to learn more about Shimadzu.

1-minute Guide to SHIMADZU

Don't worry if you don't have time. You can also check out the “1-Minute Guide to SHIMADZU” on our website, which provides a quick, concise overview of Shimadzu. Also, if interested, please check “About Us” page

1-minute Guide to SHIMADZU



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