March 25, 2022

Realization of Smart Nation with Digitalized Laboratory in Singapore: SMARTLab

Mr. Loh Yew Chiong, Senior Director, Computing, Chemical & Life Sciences Cluster, Singapore Polytechnic and Mr. Tetsuya Tanigaki, Managing Director, Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd 

Mr. Loh Yew Chiong, Senior Director, Computing, Chemical & Life Sciences Cluster, Singapore Polytechnic (on the left)
Mr. Tetsuya Tanigaki, Managing Director, Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd (on the right) 

On 9th December 2021, Shimadzu Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (SAP) and Singapore Polytechnic renewed their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to continue developing the SMARTLab (Scalable, Manageable, Automated, Regulated and Total-Compliant Laboratory) initiative.

SAP and Singapore Polytechnic have been delivering training programs together at SMARTLab using the latest analytical technologies since signing an initial MOU in 2018. The partnership agreement was renewed for an additional three years to continue progress toward a more digitalized future and Industry 4.0.


What is SMARTLab?

SMARTLab is an automated laboratory located in Singapore Polytechnic and equipped with cutting-edge technologies.

The first MoU of SMARTLab was enacted in 2018, aiming at the creation of a digitalized laboratory. This laboratory was designed to provide promising technologists with opportunities to utilize the latest analytical technologies in preparation for Industry 4.0.

The laboratory has helped to increase the skilled workforce in Singapore and transform Singapore’s future manufacturing landscape.Symbol of SMARTLab

The first training program was co-conducted at SMARTLab by facilitators from both Singapore Polytechnic and SAP during the first quarter of 2019.

Its first series focused on Laboratory Informatics. Trainees learned how to operate analytical instruments and navigate data management and automation systems. Subsequent sessions covered Laboratory Informatics Management Systems, Machine-to-Machine Communication and Artificial Intelligence.

Renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding

SAP and Singapore Polytechnic reconfirmed the scope of the partnership to upgrade the MoU. SAP promised continuous support for Singapore Polytechnic to conduct learning programs both online and in-person in SMARTLab. The webinars and in-person workshops will be co-hosted to promote the application of SMARTLab technologies as well. Also, SAP will offer internships with certification to four Singapore Polytechnic students every academic year.

SMARTLab, equipped with the latest analytical instruments and advanced digital technologies, is designed to enrich the learning experiences of Singapore Polytechnic students, and provide them with the skills and abilities to develop innovative solutions in time for Industry 4.0. The initiative aims to support Singapore’s transformation into a digital economy, enabling a wider adoption of digital capabilities among enterprises and households.

The role of the laboratory is not only to provide opportunities for students and staff to adapt the latest technologies, but to also emphasize the importance of sustainability: Automated systems can reduce the waste of time, cost, and materials, ensuring “Zero Waste” and reducing carbon footprint. Moreover, the renewal enhances a part of building a “World Lab Network”. This network seeks to connect all collaborative laboratories all over the world. Leveraging this global platform, Singapore Polytechnic’s staff and students will be able to exchange their ideas and knowledge with educators, intellectuals, researchers, and students from different parts of the world.

A laboratory tour conducted by Singapore Polytechnic students

After the signing ceremony, a laboratory tour was conducted by Singapore Polytechnic students.

Comment from Senior Director of Singapore Polytechnic

Mr. Loh Yew Chiong, Senior Director of Singapore Polytechnic’s Computing, Chemical & Life Sciences Cluster, mentioned: “The MoU renewal is a seal of commitment by Singapore Polytechnic and Shimadzu to play a more significant role in contributing to the digital transformation of industries in Singapore. There is no better time than now in this digital age to reaffirm this commitment, and stage the next steps for enterprises to adopt cutting-edge technologies that enable them to improve their cost efficiencies and productivity.”

Mr. Loh Yew Chiong, Senior Director of Singapore Polytechnic’s Computing, Chemical & Life Sciences Cluster


Comment from SAP Managing Director

Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Managing Director, Tetsuya Tanigaki, said: “Shimadzu’s Corporate Philosophy is ‘Contributing to Society through Science and Technology’. The collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic and the creation of SMARTLab is yet another reiteration of this philosophy. What is the best way for contributing to the creation of a better world? What should be prepared for teachers and students? Shimadzu is always here to support our partners in their quest to provide the best training and education through ‘Excellence in Science’.”


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