May 2, 2023

Release of the Video “For the Desire to Live - Shimadzu’s Response to Cancer -”

Shimadzu has released the video “For the Desire to Live - Shimadzu’s Response to Cancer -.” This video illustrates our cancer-fighting initiatives as well as our approach in this area. Here, we give an overview of the video and hear from the staff who put it together. 


Overview of the Video “For the Desire to Live - Shimadzu’s Response to Cancer -”

Cancer is a very familiar disease that makes us feel uneasy. Today, there are a variety of treatments for cancer, and they are improving day by day.

This video looks at initiatives by Shimadzu to support various treatment methods and associated research with a variety of techniques. These include collaborative research into near-infrared photoimmunotherapy, a completely new and promising approach to treating cancer.

Shimadzu will continue to contribute to cancer treatment, from ultra-early testing to the diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic phases.

Comments by the Creator of the Video

These days, it is said that one out of every two or three people will be diagnosed with cancer. At the same time, thanks to advances in cancer treatment, the reality is that it is becoming a curable disease. Shimadzu is taking initiatives together with medical professionals and researchers to realize their strong desire for life beyond cancer, as well as their commitment to curing cancer.

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