Comprehensive Research Collaboration with The Jikei University - Aiming for Social Implementation of Healthcare-related Technologies

The Jikei Universtiy

The Jikei Universtiy

Shimadzu Corporation has entered into a comprehensive collaboration with The Jikei University, located in Tokyo, for research and development and social implementation of technologies related to the healthcare field.

Under this initiative, Shimadzu and The Jikei University have jointly held a seminar to showcase both parties’ technologies for discussing new collaborative research themes, demonstration programs and business opportunities.

Here we will highlight the collaborative aims and learn about future prospects from the members leading the collaboration.


Aiming to Implement Clinical Technology in Society

A comprehensive collaborative agreement between Shimadzu and The Jikei University was signed in December 2021. The five-year collaboration aims at research and development and social implementation of technologies in the fields of cancer, lifestyle-related diseases, cognitive impairment, diseases of the nervous system, and infections.

Shimazu and The Jikei University will promote the initiatives through the utilization of Shimadzu’s technologies in analytical science and diagnostic imaging at their facilities, such as the Jikei University School of Medicine, the Jikei University Hospital, and the Center for Preventive Medicine.

Sharing Expertise from Both The Jikei University and Shimadzu

On March 15, 2023, a seminar was convened jointly to share and discuss new technologies under the collaboration. Both parties presented their latest research findings and technologies in the four fields of laboratory testing, cell and regenerative medicine, medical diagnostic imaging, and health and treatment information systems.

Comment from The Jikei University

We asked Dr. Akira Fukui, a Research Promotion Division URA and lecturer in the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension, the Jikei University School of Medicine, about this collaboration.

Since its founding, the Jikei University School of Medicine has contributed to patient-centered medical care, based on our founding spirit of “Treat the patient, not the disease.” At the same time, we have engaged in research aimed at treating prospective patients, and education to foster even better medical practitioners. Further, in addition to our fundamental mission of education and research, we have established a policy of collaboration with industry, academia, and government (enacted on November 1, 2022), which positions the return of research results to society as our “Third Mission.” In the opening sentence of the policy, “social implementation” was positioned as an important maxim, to ensure the promotion of research and development with the aim of social implementation through collaboration with industry, academia, and government. It is also to generate a creative cycle through project evaluation and appropriate support to provide the experience and motivation to carry out research and development of these results on an ongoing basis.

Collaboration with Shimadzu, a company that addresses a broad range of technologies in analytical science, including mass spectrometry and medical diagnostic imaging for medical practice and healthcare fields, is more than likely to increase the chance for social implementation of research results, in other words, the commercialization of results, as well as their dissemination and establishment. Especially in academia, commercialization is one of our weakest areas, so we certainly welcome Shimadzu’s assistance.

Additionally, dissemination and establishment of the research results require coordination with government in line with patients and users, so we would like to see cooperation promoted by both parties.

Comment from Shimadzu Personnel in the Healthcare Business Segment

We hear from Shuichi Kawana, General Manager of the Healthcare Business Strategy Unit, Corporate Strategy Planning Department, which promotes the development of Shimadzu’s healthcare-related projects.

Shimadzu provides clinical testing instruments utilizing our technologies in medical diagnostic imaging using X-rays and analytical science. Collaboration with The Jikei University is expected to accelerate the exploration of clinical needs, research and development based on these needs, and demonstration and commercialization so as to return these results to society. In particular, we would be pleased for their support in the evaluation and accumulation of evidence in clinical practice, demonstrations for social implementation, and the construction of advanced case studies, all of which will be important for the social implementation of research and development results.

There are still many challenges in terms of medical treatment. In order to resolve these issues, we would like to work together to contribute to human health.


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