October 30, 2023

Why Don’t You Solve Your Daily Issues by Analysis?
Release of Experimental Video

Shimadzu develops technologies and instruments that support our daily lives based on our corporate philosophy of “Contributing to Society through Science and Technology.” However, analytical technologies may be somehow complicated and uncommon for some people.

Our Analytical and Measuring Instruments Division has created short videos that try to analyze the things related to small questions and problems that arise in everyday life by utilizing the technology of "making the invisible visible."


Trash or Treasure?

The first video is an analysis of cabbage. We tend to throw the core of the cabbage away because it's hard. But when cutting cabbage, our company staff wonders, "Can we really throw it away?"

That's where our company's Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (hereafter EDX) comes in! The EDX is a non-destructive analytical technique for identifying and quantifying elemental compositions in solid, powder, and liquid samples. It is widely used for non-destructive elemental analysis for quality and process control in applications including metals, chemicals, polymers, environmental testing, food safety, and pharmaceuticals.

The leaves and core of the cabbage are separately ground in a blender and then dried to make a sample for analysis. When inserted into the EDX and analyzed, the amounts of phosphorus and potassium contained in each sample were shown graphically.

Let’s check out the video to see the result!

A Package Mix-up

The second video is an analysis to identify the contents of packages without opening the boxes. When the two people were walking with multiple red gift boxes each, they crashed and could not distinguish which box was which.

They came up with the idea of analyzing the contents with inspeXio SMX-225CT which is a kind of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Systems. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is a method to non-destructively observe, analyze, and evaluate the internal structures of products or materials in 2D or 3D. It supports various industries such as automotive, batteries, electronic components, materials, foods, and pharmaceuticals.

Check out the video to see what's inside the box!

The Comment from the Person in Charge

We created this video with the idea that it would be fun to be able to solve small questions and interests in daily life with Shimazu's instruments. The possibilities of our instruments are limitless, not only in the lab but also in people's interests and questions. I would like to continue to create content that people find analysis interesting. We're looking for new ideas!

Being a part of these videos has been fun! I’m hoping we can improve the overall quality of the videos while also coming up with content that’s relatable. The type of technology that we work with affects everyone’s lives, and we’re hoping to make that relatable to the general public. 


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