Using Science to Analyze the Aroma and Taste of Craft Beer-Collaboration with ISEKADO

Shimadzu Corporation Collaboration with ISEKADO

Today’s topic is “Using Science to Analyze the Aroma and Taste of Craft Beer” from our website, “Stories of Excellence” which introduces various stories about Shimadzu’s efforts with customers and partners.

ISEKADO has gained a growing reputation in the craft beer industry. Narihiro Suzuki, the president of the brewery believes making beer requires numerical data.

We interviewed President Suzuki and Yusuke Takemori, who collaborates with the brewer and oversees beer analysis in the Solutions Center of Excellence, Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division of Shimadzu.

The following is the story of collaboration between the two companies looking to establish the standard for beer analysis.

Forming a Tag Team Generates Win-Win Benefits for Both

The two companies first crossed paths in about 2016 when Takemori sent an email to the Customer Support Center of ISEKADO. Takemori hoped the technically advanced beer company would provide Shimadzu with samples and, in return, Shimadzu would provide them with data that could solve their challenges.

The 21st-generation successor to Nikenjayamochi Kadoya, a confectionery shop operating since 1575 on the main shopping street leading up to the Ise Grand Shrine, President Suzuki started a beer business due to his curiosity about microorganisms. He published a paper about Kadoya’s flagship beer, named “Hime White,” which was brewed using wild yeast (KADOYA1) he obtained from the Yamatohime-no-miya/Kotaijingu Betsugu. Takemori contacted the brewery after he read that paper…read more

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