29 Runners from Shimadzu Participated in Kyoto Marathon 2024

29 Runners from Shimadzu Participated in Kyoto Marathon 2024

On February 18, Kyoto Marathon 2024 was held with the cooperation of Shimadzu as a Bronze Partner. 16,000 people ran toward the finish line, passing World Cultural Heritage sites and other famous places. Here we will look at the event and some of the Shimadzu Group runners who participated.


Enlivening the Event at Okoshiyasu Welcome Square

On the runner registration dates of February 16 and 17, Okoshiyasu* Welcome Square was established in the Miyako Messe Exhibition Center as the registration venue. In addition to the event sponsors, the runners were greeted with carts and booths set up by local restaurants, as well as a talk show on the event stage.

  • *Okoshiyasu means “welcome” in Kyoto dialect.

“Supporting Athletes with Science and Technology,” the video playing at the Shimadzu booth

The Shimadzu booth showcased Shimadzu products and technologies that contribute to athletic performance. Measurements of advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which are associated with health and aging, were also conducted. Participants commented that they were glad to learn about their physical condition before running, and they were happy to see their daily health efforts expressed numerically.

Runners lined up for an AGEs measurement

Runners lined up for an AGEs measurement

Placing their fingertips on the machine for the measurement.

Placing their fingertips on the machine for the measurement

Shimadzu Runners Participating from Various Purposes

29 employees from the Shimadzu Group participated. We heard from the runners who finished the event.

Hidehiro Abe, Shimadzu Corporation

On that day, it was warm and nice weather. In the days leading up to the marathon, I felt that I had completed my own self-assessment, goal-setting, and training. It was tough, but on reflection, I am really glad I participated.

With the excitement of the atmosphere at the venue before the start and the crowd of runners, I set too fast a pace. But thanks to volunteers and supporters lining the route, though my pace slowed, I found the willpower to overcome the difficulty and not quit, and they helped lead me to the goal.

With the enormous support I’ve received despite the traffic restrictions and other inconveniences imposed by the marathon, I feel encouraged to continue to challenge myself at work with objectives and goals, so as to contribute to the region and society. I would like to sincerely thank everyone involved in the event and in making me who I am today.


Chiho Kawata, Shimadzu Corporation

I was surprised to learn of the scale of the Kyoto Marathon, with 16,000 runners and over 8,000 volunteer staff participating on the day. Thanks to the crowds of supporters lining the route, I was able to run all the way to the finish line. Along with the thrill of finishing, I am so grateful for the support I received from so many people without which I would not have been able to run. I would like to express my thanks to everyone who provided support, as well as those who joined me at the gym and while running. Thank you very much!

I would like to add that in this marathon, I tried using my own reusable cup when getting water. The one I used folded up even smaller than I thought it would, and it saved me the hassle of throwing cups away, so it was quite convenient. I plan to use in future marathons as well.


Tetsuya Togawa, Shimadzu Corporation

I fell ill with deep vein thrombosis in the left leg eight years ago, and even now, part of the vein in my thigh is basically blocked. As a result, I thought a full marathon was out of the question, and I gave up on the idea. However, I took part with the understanding that I wouldn’t run, and would stop when I got to the point that it was too much.

As it turned out, I made it about 30 km at an even pace as I expected I would, but then my leg started to cramp, so I had to slow down. At just over 35 km, my leg completely gave out. However I still managed to reach the goal, and with a time that was not even close to my worst performance. Despite this unfortunate situation, I am glad that I challenged myself to continuing on from an impossible situation. I am just grateful for such opportunities.


Shigeru Yamashita, Shimadzu Precision Technology, Ltd.

With my 60th birthday looming, I rose to the first such challenge in a while. Although I was unsure whether or not I could finish the race, I took measures from last year with the goal of exceeding my previous performance (2020) by finishing in under 5 hours. I ran 10 km every day during the New Year holidays, and just when I was getting enthusiastic about it, I strained my back. I had to rest, and I could only restart training at the beginning of February. I had only a short time to prepare for the race.

At any rate, though I ran at my own pace, and at the 16 km mark, my right ankle became severely painful, and when I got to Nishioji-dori street, my goal switched to simply finishing the race.

I challenged myself to get past each checkpoint by the deadline. Encouraged by Shimadzu’s red flags, and everyone shouting encouragement along the way, I somehow reached the goal (three minutes before the cutoff) at 14 hours and 57 minutes! I could hardly believe that I was able to take a victory pose. I am grateful for everyone who encouraged me to keep going without giving up, and struggle all the way to Heian Jingu Shrine, the goal of the marathon, and who bought me really good sake that night.


Hitomi Matsushima, Shimadzu Science East Corporation

This was my first Kyoto marathon, and rather than experiencing frigid, midwinter Kyoto, I ran the entire 42 km in good spirits enjoying the warm weather. All the Shimadzu runners wished each other good luck at the starting line, and when we passed each other on the way back, we offered mutual support.

I was also cheered on by the well-wishers lining the route, and had a great time even though I felt uneasy about not having practiced enough. It is also very satisfying to have enjoyed refreshments at all the aid stations (water and energy replenishment sites), which was another “goal” I set, besides completing the run.

I feel very grateful for the warm support and encouragement I received for participating in this marathon as a Shimadzu runner. I also plan to continue practicing so that I can run alongside everyone again next time. Thanks very much.

Comments by the Staff

Now we will hear from the staff in the Human Resources Department responsible for promoting health management in the Shimadzu Group.

At Shimadzu, measures were taken to support Kyoto Marathon 2024 to encourage employees to become involved with and interested in physical activities. The event was held on February 18, following preparations that started from the runner recruitment process last year, and was supported by the Shimadzu employee athletes and related departments.

This time, in the perfect weather on the day of the marathon, we were greeted by the sight of the runners all dressed in their Shimadzu uniforms and cheering each other on, and the other employees offering them encouragement. The sight of the Shimadzu Group coming together like this made me feel proud to be a Shimadzu employee. Further, of all the impressions and scenery from that day, the sight of the runners as they ran past with their eyes on the finish line was the most stirring.

I am so proud of all the runners who participated in the marathon.

As a member of the health management group, I will continue to strive to improve the physical and mental health of our employees, aiming to cultivate a workplace environment marked by mutual encouragement and support.


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