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Maps and Directions

Train :

■Hankyu Senri Line

Get off at "Kitasenri" station (last stop) and walk east about 20 minutes.

Monorail :

■Osaka Monorail

Get off at "Handai-Byoin-Mae" station and walk west about 20 minutes.

Bus :

■Hankyu Bus

Board a bus bound for "Handai-Honbu-Mae" or "Ibaraki Mihogaoka" leaving from "Senrichuo."
Board the "Handai-Byoin" route leaving "Kitasenri."
*Buses leaving from "Senrichuo" and traveling via "Kitasenri" may also be taken.

■Kintetsu Bus

Board a bus bound for "Handai-Honbu-Mae" leaving from "Hankyu-Ibarakishi" station(via JR "Ibaraki" station).

In any of the above cases, get off at "Handai-Igakubu-Mae" or "Handai-Honbu-Mae" and walk about 10 minutes.

Map of Facility

Map of Facility