Shimadzu is pleased to advise you of the update of Shimadzu Application Notes for a wide range of applications/topics using our technologies and instrumentation.

The newly available Application Notes cover topics about life sciences, envirnment, energy and food safety as listed below. Shimadzu updated solutions help you address your unique requirement.

Food LAAN-C-XX-E039 Visualization of Asparaptine in Asparagus (Asparagus Officinalis) Using Mass Spectrometry Imaging
Food C10G-E060 Solutions for Food Development
Food C10G-E053 Solutions for Food Safety
Food LAAN-C-XX-E017 Multi-Residue Analysis of Pesticides in Green Tea Using Caffeine Removal Pretreatment
Food LAAN-C-XX-E013 Simple Analysis of Pesticides Using AOC-MEPS System
Food LAAN-C-XX-E008 Dietary Supplements Analysis
LifeScience LAAN-C-XX-E037 Visualization of GABA in Brain of Adult Drosophila Melanogaster by Mass Spectrometry Imaging
LifeScience LAAN-C-XX-E035 Convenient and Quick Isolation and Analysis of Genome-Edited Cells Using PERFLOW Sort and MultiNA
LifeScience LAAN-C-XX-E034 Comprehensive Measurement of Metabolites Using GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS
LifeScience LAAN-C-XX-E033 Evaluation of Membrane Protein Properties by Fluorescence-Detection Size-Exclusion Chromatography (FSEC) Using an HPLC System
LifeScience LAAN-C-XX-E030 Comprehensive analysis of cuticular wax components using GCxGC-MS
LifeScience LAAN-C-XX-E020A Genome Editing and Creating Mutant Strains in Medaka
LifeScience LAAN-C-XX-E019 Classification of Bacteria by MALDI-TOF MS Based on Ribosomal Protein Coding in S10-spc-alpha Operon at Strain Level
LifeScience LAAN-C-XX-E013 Testing and Analysis of Genetically Modified Food - Application of MultiNA -
LifeScience LAAN-C-XX-E011 Application of Metabolomics Techniques using LC/MS and GC/MS Profiling Analysis of Green Tea Leaves
LifeScience LAAN-C-XX-E010A Primary Structural Analysis of Proteins / Peptides- Application of Protein Sequencer -
LifeScience LAAN-C-XX-E006 Test of Food-Poisoning Bacteria and Molds in Foods - Application of MultiNA -
LifeScience LAAN-C-XX-E005 Food Allergen Test - Application of MultiNA -
Clinical Research LAAN-C-XX-E036A Development of Drug Testing by Direct Analysis of Equine Hair Using Imaging Mass Microscopy with iMScope TRIO™
Clinical Research C10G-E055 Solutions for Clinical Research
Pharma C10G-E066B Solutions for Pharmaceutical Impurities
Pharma C10G-E056 Solutions for Pharmaceutical Analysis
Pharma C10G-E054 Solutions for Biopharmaceutical
Pharma LAAN-C-XX-E007 Analysis of Residual Catalysts in Pharmaceuticals Using ICP Atomic Emission Spectrometry
Hydrocarbon Processing Industry LAAN-C-XX-E031 Visualization of Progress of Internal Damage in Carbon Fiber Composite Materials and Mechanism of Impact Strength
Hydrocarbon Processing Industry LAAN-C-XX-E027 Synthesis and Evaluation of Various Photoluminescent Materials via New Organometallic Chemistry Routes
Composite material AppNote58 Verification and Validation (V&V) of Uniaxial Tensile Test Simulation Results of Composite Materials: Fusion of Actual Measurement and Homogenization Analysis
Material C10G-E076 Solutions for Cellulose Nanofibers
Electronics, Electronic C10G-E070 Solutions for Electronics & Chemicals
Electronics, Electronic LAAN-C-XX-E029 Continuous Visualization of Process of Positive Streamer Initiation, Propagation, Spark, and Bubble Expansion in Water
Electronics, Electronic LAAN-C-XX-E028 UV Degradation Analysis of Material for Solar Cell Modules Using GC/MS and FTIR
Environment LAAN-C-XX-E038 Analysis of Volatile Hazardous Air Pollutants and Ozone Precursors Using the Cryofocusing GC-MS/MS (MRM) Method
Environment C10G-E063 Solutions for Environmental Analysis
Environment LAAN-C-XX-E014 Analytical Data for Agricultural Chemicals as Water Quality Control Target Setting Items
Environment LAAN-C-XX-E009 Data on Tap Water Quality Standards
Energy LAAN-C-XX-E026 Determination of Storage Lipid Contents by Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer (FT-IR) in Non-Destructive Microalgal Cells
Ceramics, Metals, Mining LAAN-C-XX-E032 Evaluation of Dynamic Deformation Behavior of LPSO Type Magnesium Alloy by AE Method and High Speed Camera

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