Shimadzu Pesticide MRM Library Support for LC/MS/MS



To help expand capabilities in LC/MS/MS pesticide monitoring programs we have created the Shimadzu Pesticide MRM Library. The Library has been created with 766 certified reference standards and has been verified for use with Shimadzu LCMS-8050 and 8060 systems. The Library contains information that can be used to accelerate method development in LC/MS/MS pesticide analysis including; An average of 8 MRM transitions for each reference standard (with optimized collision energies) are registered in the database including positive and negative ionization mode. In total, more than 6,000 MRM transitions are part of the Library. Meta-data for each library entry such as CAS#, formula, activity, mono-isotopic mass and adduct masses, rank of MRM transitions, synonyms, InChI, InChIKey, compound names translation (Japanese and Chinese) and links to websites offering further information (, PAN pesticide database, Chemical Book, ChemSpider). The meta-data is intended not only to set up new methods quickly but to help search for compound properties.

June 13, 2016 GMT

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