Tensile Testing of Fabrics (ISO 13934-1 Strip Method)


User Benefits

・The tensile strength of fabrics can be measured in accordance with ISO 13934-1. ・There are many kinds of grip faces, so the most suitable grip face can be selected.


Every day, we change into various clothes according to the season, time of day, situation, and scene. For example, in the summer during the day we wear a T-shirt that breathes well, and in the cold winter a down jacket that keeps us warm. Also, if we work in the field, we should wear work clothes that are sturdy and easy to move in. Depending on what values are prioritized, such as comfort, functionality, and design, different performance is required for clothing, and new products are produced every day. As clothing is a product, it requires strength evaluation to ensure a certain level of quality. ISO 13934 describes methods for measuring tensile strength of woven and knitted fabrics that are essential to our daily lives, ISO 13934-1 describes the strip method, and ISO 13934-2 describes the grab method. The tensile strength of the strip method is proportional to the width of the fabric and the number of threads fixed by the grip, so it is suitable for considering the strength of the constituent thread. This article presents an example of tensile testing of fabrics in accordance with the ISO 13934-1strip method.

June 2, 2022 GMT